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Caracas subway map

Metro Station on the Caribbean coast

Among all the cities that were built in Venezuela in Caracas but there is a decent subway, which is at the same time can be called quite a large object in the entire continent. In the event that the city's population will grow even more underground in the city can be easily increased. But let's talk about the fact that the subway system, which currently operates in Venezuela. There is a metro station quite large, which could compete in size with most of the European underground, because the total length of the subway in Caracas is 54 kilometers. At the same time there are 48 stations that operate independently of each other. This means that if the train is even later than the time at some stations you will not be able to get out. As a large number of trains, it is explained only by large populations and small intervals between trains. Imagine that in a city where nearly 4.5 million people, you must have underground. At the same time the metro is mostly underground, which does not affect the number of passengers - just one day subway carries 1.3 million passengers. That's a lot, so that people did not wait for the next train for too long, it suffices that the time interval between trains was about fifteen minutes. This gap is also very small, less than 90 seconds, the metro is moving only in Japan, where the range is only a minute - this is just enough so that all people have time to enter the train. Here, this is enough for one and a half minutes, so any train is moving very quickly and very accurately. Despite the relatively small size and ability to create an automatic train control system, the country did not create this system, preferring it to a normal labor, which in principle can deal more effectively with such a task, rather than machines. But this opinion is not shared by all, particularly in Venezuela, many people think that you can save money for the state, if we go on the machines.

How many stations, so many fantasies

But do not talk about it, but just talk about what is currently in Caracas. Among the many stations can be found, for example, a variety of stations that reflect the history of the state. In addition, there are stations that are named after famous figures. In general, the forty-eight stations dreamer could easily turn around, but because of the names you can find everything you want, including even very unusual plant. In addition, the stations in the city look very unusual, most of the lines runs along the coast, almost parallel to each other. Some branches depart deeper into the mainland, but because they carry far more passengers in the morning and evening, while a day loaded with more coastal line. In general, the underground work is very original. Opening of the stations are always the same, but if you decide to get around the city late at night, at about 10-11 pm, you might notice with dismay that some stations have closed, although the subway, in general, continues to work. This may prevent some people to get home, if they end up working too late, but early closing times of stations applies only to certain coastal stations, because at night in the metro area has been ignored. As for the other pleasures of life, then the subway you can find all the amenities, including bulletin boards, vending tokens, and cash to travel vouchers - everything is done for the convenience of passengers.

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