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Zaporozhye subway map

Easy subway

In another Ukrainian city subway is only scheduled to be built, but there are almost ready to make the construction started as soon as possible. One of the advantages of the Metro is that it is actually divided in half, as a part of the metro will be underground, and another part will be on the surface of the city. On the one hand, it is very convenient because most of the underground is still the same as usual, and the subway, but at the same time, there is little difference, because it's still an easy subway. So, what is the difference between the subway, which was to be built in the usual form, and the subway, which is now gradually being built in Odessa? The difference is quite large. Even if you do not take into account the size of the underground, it must be said that the light metro in a city accustomed is much better than a big underground. The dimensions here are perhaps the most important role, because a large metropolitan simply would not fit in, and would have cost him dearly enough. Therefore, a decision that requires the city subway is easy type, was taken just as "easy."

State plan

This idea was adopted in 2005, when the government declared that the city is very necessary for a full normal subway operation. He was released a document, which showed the need for all this. After that started to allocate funds for the construction of the subway. Actually, right now the construction can begin, because if it started now, it will seriously hamper construction work, which are held in the new neighborhood in the south of the city. So you want to wait until all the construction works are completed, then you can safely begin construction of the subway. As mentioned previously, the metro will have two levels - above ground and below it. And the last part will be laying underground light, that is, it will be buried no more than 15 meters into the ground. So far, everything is just in the plans, but you can talk about that all the work will cost a lot cheaper than building a subway in Donetsk.

All on schedule

All work will begin only in 2015 - left to wait very long. After that must be held no less than ten years, to work were completed, and only in 2025, Metro will be put into the city. The advantage of this mode of transport here is, of course, its versatility and at the same time unique. Only it will be possible to get from one town to another without changing. Metro will connect the two parts of the city by several bridges, one of which is already a road, but because the metro will be there for only the second tier. Pressures have been calculated, so no problem. In addition, the city is waiting for the appearance of this mode of transport, because now you can not only cheap to get to work in the mornings, but also very fast - now in the industrial city will not be traffic jams. The city itself will also save a lot and subway workers on the payroll, because they will be very little - if every train will have an automatic control, then such a system would require fewer costs than usual. Therefore, savings will result in a significant reduction in ticket prices, and the metro in Kiev would cost affordable for the residents of the city. As you can see, there is a distinct advantage - so we can talk about the benefits of such a vehicle.

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