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Questions about the size of

The beautiful coastal city, where many tourists flock constantly from around the world simply must have its own subway. So it was decided a long time, but to start building yet no one dares because it has not been proven as beneficial to the construction of the object. In the event that the underground paper will show their best side, then the question would actually be solved, because the purpose of construction - a profit and benefits for the city. Odessa is not a large industrial center or densely populated city, but at the same time, population density and the presence of the port allows it to get its metro in the near future. Before starting construction, required only to resolve the question of what kind of underground base for the city. Among all the options that were offered, it was decided to stop at a light metro, because only this type of transport is best suited for such a city.


Advantages of easy subway in Odessa would be its small size and high speed, because the city is decent stretches along the coast and also has features of a tourist center. This means that the creation of a large underground would lead to a significant deterioration in the appearance of the city for some time, which could scare off tourists and cause the city to the zone of deficiency on the background of high costs. At the same time, even the proximity of the sea can not mess up the construction of a light metro shallow burial. In general, the metro city looks like any other metro, which is located within the coastal city - the plan has two branches, which are almost never intersect along the coast, and therefore the total length of the subway at about twice the length of the coastline. In total so far has been built underground, which means that tourists and city residents have to travel on the tram and other modes of transport, who walk in the city. So far, they have enough, but by the time the subway will be built, will have to change to other modes of transport, because the population in the plans should also grow. The only problem that still is at this station - is that it is only in the plans, which means that it is equally well may not appear on the map of metro in the world. Well, that's for sure be a big problem for the city, because then you have to endure the many traffic jams. More about Metro, which is not soon to be built in the city, and there is nothing particular to say.

Bureaucratic problems

Calculate its value, as has been done in other cities, yet no one was taken, but beyond that, until the calculation is not done, nothing is impossible to hold. Therefore, no matter how the townspeople wanted to quickly take advantage of new vehicles, which would have already come in, but so far nothing like this is not even in sight. Plans for which the city needed a subway, were written seven years ago, but further plans do not matter, because so far there is no money in this city. It is in the queue for the construction of the underground, because the plan was strictly stipulates that the first subway to be built in the industrial cities such as Donetsk and Zaporizhia. It was there first will be completed, after which work will spill over to Odessa. Only then will the work be carried out in this wonderful city - the first stage will consist of only a few stations in the center of the city. Then these lines will be gradually bred further, to encompass the entire city. About to send the subway to the suburbs so far is not even a question, because it'll be too expensive .

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