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Krivoy Rog subway map

Light rail

Very original system was built in Krivoy Rog - in 1986 there was opened an underground light rail, which combines the various qualities immediately several types of rail transport - this is a tram, and subway. Uniqueness of this project, and adds that such a symbiosis was proposed much earlier, before the same was set up in other countries. Therefore, light rail, some residents called the city safely underground. Yes, perhaps, hardly be called a tram trains, which go under the ground - it is not so familiar, as it seems to those who are already accustomed to such systems. The entire subway is located on the same branch. Part of it is underground, and the part is located above the ground, so we can say that this system has saved more money than the transition from normal to the light station. In total, the construction of the subway has been spent far less money than originally planned. This played into the hands at a time when a few years the country was left with almost no money.

Less money - more money

The economic advantage has shown that building subways are more profitable than to engage in constant digging of tunnels deep beneath the city and ensure there is air. Therefore, when the construction of such a combined subway was finished, his popularity was at a fairly high level. It was impossible to say that the subway in any city enjoyed the same popularity as the subway in Krivoy Rog. At the same time, the figures showed that the day riding the subway is only 45,000 people. On the one hand, it is not very much, but at the same time, in comparison with the size of the branch, you agree that this is still a big number, but because it is a normal amount of people. In addition, the length of the branch is only 17 kilometers, which has 11 stations - a little bit. However, the problem is metro in another - it is not expanded in the last 25 years, and this means that its size has long been outdated and it is time to take in order to expand the boundaries of Metro as much as this requires a large city. At the time, until the city grows by itself, but the underground is in place, citizens need more use of other means of transport to get to the tram tracks.

The slow development

On the one hand, it is wrong, but at the same time, we can assume that some of the ways does not allow lay buildings of the city, but after a while it can be done. So far two tram way cannot be extended, as if the creators did not want the very underground and city residents. It remains only to wait and be glad that there is even a subway. Indeed, as we know, there are some cities where the subway is in a state of construction for several years, but no good and does not work. Therefore, residents of Krivoy Rog relatively lucky - a kind of combination of tram and metro allow them to manage your money more wisely on the road, because this transport is much cheaper than a regular bus or trolley, which, moreover, a long ride on the roads. Here the advantage of time is crucial - much better spent on the road not only less money, but also less time, this economy does not lie to you in your pocket, but often it is simply priceless. From this we can conclude that the metro is very convenient. This convenience is in the speed of this mean of transport.It is much faster than any other transport in this city, so everybody, who like to move fast, chose only this way to their purpose. Anything else is useless, when you are just in need of a good fast train.

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