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Kiev subway map

Metro Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev Metro is a system of underground lines in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. After it opened November 6, 1960, he became the Soviet Union's third after Moscow and Leningrad. Kiev Metro is a nodiversified enterprise, modern complex engineering complex. As part of its operational services are 11, three depots (Darnitsa-TCH1, Obolon PM-2 PM-3 Kharkiv), the management of underground construction, as well as car-repair plant. Today the Kiev metro has three existing lines, which have total operational length of 65, 18 km. The passengers are available 50 stations with three interchange node, located in the historical center of Kiev triangle. All stations have covered the Kiev metro cellular operators, Beeline, Kyivstar, MTS.

Kiev subway tunnels have a diameter of 5.5 meters. With an average of 1 meter higher than in Western Europe have subways. This allows for a more extensive and, therefore, spacious trains, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of equipment. One of the deepest in the world - Arsenal Station, located on Svyatoshinsko Brovarsky-line. The distance from the platform to the ground here is 105, 5 meters. During the Soviet era had a name in the underground, And Lenin. However, the signs at the entrance to the station now, this label does not contain. Today the Kiev metro has three lines operating with 50 stations, where the total length of roads is more than 65 kilometers. Kiev metro has three interchange underground site in the heart of the city. Currently under construction Podolsko Vigurovskoy line with the projected left bank. Six of the fifty stations Kiev Metro - land. Twenty of the underground stations - deep foundation, and twenty-four - fine.

On the third line there are two more unopened station - Lviv Gate and Telicka. O on the surface they do not have, but in the construction of the station itself built and ready to 30-70%. It also established a reserve station called "Herzen", which is located between the stations "Dorogozhichi" and "Lukyanivska." They thus can be called a protracted, as in the frozen state, they are over 15 years. The station has a vaulted structure of Zhitomir.

Among the Soviet metro systems is no exception Kiev Metro, which is known for its colorful and vivid decoration. Stations of the first period was originally decorated in the style and invented sovetstskoy architecture of the postwar period, which was mixed with the traditional motifs of Ukraine. Stations of the second period, had not so colorful, more rigorous design. The most important factor in the more recent projects have features, with the original design was a secondary factor. Built at the time the station was almost uniform. Only in the mid-1970s began to revive decorative architecture. Some stations have been renamed in the early 1990s (it was associated with decommunization and the proclamation of Ukrainian independence). Some of the symbols of the Soviet era, which were originally included in the interior of the plants were subsequently removed.

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