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Kharkov subway map

Three lines of

Trilinear in Kharkov subway was built long ago - back in 1975, making it one of the oldest subways in the Ukraine. Despite the fact that he has more than 30 years, the Metropolitan of Kharkiv is one of the most convenient and fast throughout the Ukraine. Speaking of that, it soon expects further development - yes, it is perfectly true, because the subway, which helps the city to grow, develop itself. Of course, through the support of the municipal budget. The main difference between the subway in Kharkiv from other metro is that it spends on an average passenger transport less money than any other subway in the CIS. On this basis, we can conclude that the subway is economical for the city and for anyone who is going to use this subway to travel to any part of the city. By the way, Metro can go almost anywhere, because the three branches form a very original shape with a ring in the middle. All these lines intersect exactly once with every other branch, so it turns out that the subway went relatively symmetrical. But at the same time, if you look closely at the map of the subway, you will notice that the red line subway is the longest among others. However, it passes through the town and partly touches some of the suburbs, but because it is very convenient subway for movement.

The size and number of

Generally, the total length of the subway is almost 40 kilometers, which is 29 stations. Therefore, a subway, in Kharkov, can be regarded as almost a model subway - it carries the day at least 800,000 people, and therefore for the year is accumulated about 300 million passengers who use the Metro Kharkov. It is worth noting that almost half of local passenger traffic. Index higher than in Kharkov on the world by about 10-15 percent, which means that people are quite free to enjoy the city subway. In addition, among other advantages subway in the city he had a long time - it starts at about half past five in the morning, but finished his work at the same time much later - some trains go past midnight.

And more is better

All trains on the lines are exactly the same - five cars on each train, so they speed a bit slower, but passengers are being taken much more than modern light metro trains. And it is remarkable, especially considering the fact that every day, almost a million people use the subway. If the city has built an easy subway, so many people could not be transported. Therefore, in Kharkiv highlighted all the advantages of a large metro. The interval between trains is approximately 4 minutes, and during rush hour 2-3, so the platforms are rarely accumulates too many people. Well, it seems that the subway is not in vain the name of the second metro in Ukraine, because he is over 37 years successfully proves his title with a lot of people who use this subway. Among the funds fare are several different ways, which are presented in a somewhat original form. There is a charge card, not so long ago was canceled payment tokens, there are also paper tickets, which are being actively implemented in payment - so you can see that Metro is developing. And this developing can be done very fast, but the problem is money. So if there will no money for the metro, this will be no good for the citizens, whoa wandering to have a new metro brunch not far from his house.

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