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Donetsk subway map

Metro and industry

In 1993 it was announced the launch of the new subway, which will be held in Donetsk. Another industrial city in Ukraine could get a new form of transport, but his dream has not yet materialized. And no one knows exactly when they might come true. The fact is that this ill-fated subway, despite the early date of the announcement of its construction, in fact, began seriously built until 2006. Therefore, the construction of the average were very slow and it could not affect the pace of work throughout the metro. Originally, the Metro will be underground, but when it became clear how much money will it take to complete the construction of this project it was decided to cancel. At the same time on the subway again, remember, just started the new millennium and as a sign that the country stood on the ladder of progress, construction work on the subway were continued. But it did not last long, because, despite the fact that the subway had to pass as early as 2009, at the end of the year it was ready only 30% of the total length of the first stage. By the way, the first phase consisted of only 5 underground stations - which meant that even the small part of the metro was not ready and the one site.

Raw Project

After that, it was announced that the subway in the city will not build at all. This event was a big blow for the townspeople, because they are already counting on the fact that the city will have its own metro station, which is at least as it will reduce traffic jams in the city. But it seems that the hope for it now instead of traffic jams disappear. During the construction of large underground sometimes it came about that you can easily build a subway. But he planned to run in the tunnels that have been created for a large metro. So at some point in the metro in Donetsk were still some chance that the subway will be built at this time. At the same time, when it came to create this light metro, had still dig new tunnels to complete work on time. Because the size of the tunnels still does not change too much, so that the costs would still remain the same.

The new metro

Therefore, when not so long ago adopted a new decision that is not a full-scale subway will be built in parallel, it was stated that a light metro, about which so much talk in recent years, will take place on the surface of the earth, not in the tunnels that had been dug. On the one hand, this will lead to the new subway will be much cheaper than usual - it was such a statement from the government and the city. And stated that construction costs would be 5-7 times smaller than previously assumed, which means that the subway is likely to be built more quickly than planned. On the other hand, it will be a completely different mode of transport, but because all that has been created at the moment has absolutely no value, because everything that has been dug and built, will not be used in the new subway at all. So, no matter what people who are going to ride on the new subway, when it is built, will be only light underground, but again no one bothered to call a specific date, so no one knows when the work will be completed and when the subway is built, so that nothing can be said that the subway in Donetsk will appear. After all, require no less than 2 years is to create common designs - this means that the building once again postponed for a long time. This period will be very hard for the citizens, because they will not be able to use their metro they waited so long. So it wil be just in a some years after, but whenever it will be done correctly, noone knows.

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