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Dnipropetrovsk subway map

Difficult years

Built in a very difficult years, the Metro is like a flower in the desert - there's nothing around that could give him a development. But it was only until recently. Metro in Dnepropetrovsk began to build in the 90s. Then there were around a very complex process, which seriously hampered the development of a metro in the country. But, nevertheless, in 1995, Metro was given a start. Then and now, it's a very small underground, which has its length is only 7.5 kilometers long and 6 stations. Many people think that it could be the shortest subway in the world, because there is very little mileage as well as own stations. But be that as it may, in fact, one can count at least a dozen of these subways, which in reality is much less than the Metro Dnipropetrovsk. All stations that are located on a line under the city, especially not decorated - and it was hard in those years when the country formed its own management, separate from the USSR to deal with money on the subway. So everything was done only for the needs, not on wealth. Therefore, design of underground stations suffered greatly, especially when compared with the Metro subways and other underground capital in other countries. But one can argue that this is a bad subway because the subway is actually very good - due to the high speed one of the largest Ukrainian cities can be reached in just 15 minutes. Compared with the rate of intra-transport is very fast, and also very convenient.

Cooking Money

Perhaps, yet the problem remains the residents' travel costs, because there are still accepted only one-time tickets, which currently has two of the hryvna. In terms of European money is a little bit, and generally pretty cheap, but over the last few years there has been a rapid growth up, especially in the last three years, when the price has doubled. But do not let the bad news, because it's economic affairs in the country, but because they were not ordinary tourists are particularly interesting, so that we can say that the 2 hryvna for travel - it is not so much. Therefore, proceed to further consideration of the local subway. If we talk about that here there is a large train of wagons, it is wrong - there are a lot of head coaches, but the ordinary in comparison with them a bit. In total there are about 45 cars and 18 of them - the head, so an average of 3.2 cars for every composition. But all this allows Metro to carry a considerable number of people every year - almost 10 million passengers use the Metro in Dniepropetrovsk each year. This is quite a lot, considering that every day on the subway ride an average of 25 thousand people, and the population in the city is not so great. Theoretically, if the plans for the development of the metro will be implemented, the number of passengers will increase dramatically, because in this case, when Metro will use both parts of the city, located on opposite sides of the river, it just increases irreversibly.


The plans for the next 5-7 years is the theory of meters in length and the establishment of additional branches, which then connects the two banks. So in the end we plan to add a few more stations and miles of track. But such increases have a positive impact on the overall development of the city, which is a major industrial center of Ukraine. We can only wait - this year for the construction of the subway has been allocated a lot of money that should go on the organization of work. If they had gone as intended, the subway is built on. So some years later we will see that this subway grew up very large, so more people can use it to get to work. While this will be done, another plans will be written for the next part of this metro. So this process will never be stopped, because thi is the progress of this metro.

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