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Wine subway

Another subway in America - a Boston subway station. While that is the subway is not as large as the largest in the country, but who knows, still ahead, the city grows, perhaps, the subway in Boston will be the largest underground in America. So far, there are only three branches, but in addition to the subway there is also light rail, which provides an additional burden in those parts of the city where the subway is not paved. By itself, the tram also has a few lines, so a complete circuit is more like a spider's web. In itself, the metro consists of three colored lines, each of which runs a certain distance and is located in a particular city. There are red, orange and blue branches. Together, these branches are about 100 kilometers long by the city and its suburbs. Innodividually, the metro branches account for about 18-25 miles each. Each branch is from a particular area in another, all the transplants occur approximately in the center of the city, because in other areas there are no intersections. This ensures high-bandwidth lines. All branches of the subway do not stop in the city and pass through it, to be completed in another district. Therefore, most passengers do not change to a station to get to where they want, but only continue its movement on the same train, which is very convenient.

The new branch of silver

Speaking about the availability of subway in the developing city, is worth special mention, and the fact of the underground in general. As already mentioned, there are three subway lines that form a network of very well, almost completely covering the urban area, but recently the city's development and construction of new residential areas has led to the fact that in order to get to work, many have for a long time to get also to the subway, so especially for the developed part of town is now under construction, another branch, which will be the fourth in the metro Boston. This branch will be called the Silver branch, because the other proud names are already being used in the city, so that only a branch yet to be new.

Stretch all that is

However, that will build a new branch of the subway, will grow and the old ways, as well as the metro station. When used in small towns platform for four or five cars, there is something more needed to be able to accommodate many people at one site. Is also gradually change the types of cars, so that the history of the subway is very rich, despite the fact that he built the third in America. In any case, the use of the subway in the city where the majority of the population is employed in that work in industry and commerce is necessary. Because the city is constantly moving large masses of people, to work, then back, you want the subway, which would have the greatest convenience to the public so that people can safely travel to work and do not be late, because here every wasted second - it lost money, and that the City is simply unacceptable - there's every man for himself.

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