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Washington subway map

The second in the U.S.

The second largest metro in the U.S. is comfortable settled in the capital of the state. There is not just a Subway, and a network that allows people to travel throughout the metropolitan area. The difference between this line from all other lines in the city lies in the fact that there is a subway, even though he is only under the same city, is located in the entire two states - Virginia and Maryland. Compared with most of the world's largest underground, he can be, and do not match, then half a million people every day is a metro wheeling, and therefore it is considered the second largest in America. And all this because here is the capital of which is constantly growing. So, what is especially in the underground in Washington? First, it occurs as a subway deep underground, and on the surface of the city. This is to ensure the preservation of the historic center and accessibility anywhere in the city. Further, this subway was built in the seventies of last century, when it was available other than equipment for digging tunnels, which allowed to lay an excellent subway, several orders of magnitude better than in Europe. Despite the fact that the metro covers an area of the city and the two states, its length is small - 170 kilometers, which is a bit over the country's largest underground. At the same time, there is 86 stations, which connect the station with the city and suburbs.

Slowly, but safely

All metro consists of five branches, each of which is painted in the color: red, orange, yellow, blue or green. All of these lines pass through the center of the city, which almost touched the ground during construction. Specifically, to maintain the architecture of the city, metro center were laid quite deep, at about 40 to 60 meters. It is possible to avoid unnecessary digging of streets, which could bring down the building. Therefore, considering the factors of the historic city center, this building has been very difficult. But as soon ends the historic center, once the subway is gradually coming to the surface and goes along with cars, except that a dedicated road. So what wags on the subway level height gradually, forming a kind of hole in the center of the city. Speed Underground is very low for the capital, just 40 km / h, and therefore the motion of electric lines between the suburbs does not fenced, because, despite their length, the train still does not accelerate very much, and this means that the danger does not threaten people, Still it's not high-speed trains in Europe, which are worn under 300 km / h


Construction of the lines in Washington took place gradually. Most of the lines are not built in isolation, but once formed a dense cover of branches. Gradually they grew - a new area, there were once several branches, one or two. Therefore, initially invested funds were not so great after all subway stations and the transitions between them were built at a time, and eventually had to just break new ground, which took place a little further out of town, as well as construction of new public stations, which also does not require large investments. Therefore, the subway in Washington cost the country inexpensively.

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