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St. Louis subway map

Red or blue?

Two lines are red and blue, as tablets, in a film, give you the opportunity to go either just north or just south. In fact, we are talking only about the subway, which is located in St. Louis. In this city, the subway started to build just 20 years ago, and after three years has opened the first branch. The second came a little later, when it became necessary to transport people to new places, particularly in the University of Washington, who was in Clayton. This subway line was blue, but its advantage - it is easy, which had no other lines. Therefore, this nodivision often does not allow all trains to safely go to the end. In this regard, there is a very original location of underground lines, which are superimposed on each other. Initially, there was a red line to the airport, and that was enough. But then the city has required the development of the accession of a new suburb, and therefore requires a new line - what to do with the old, it is impossible to just pick up and turn in a new place, because you want to further expand and increase the number of lines. But here too there is a new challenge - to continue the usual subway does not make sense, because the new area has not really mastered, and therefore people would not be very many, so why drive the heavy trains when you can let light metro. In this regard, it was decided to start building a new branch of the blue.

Different types of underground

The difference between a new branch from an old, red, lay in the fact that if before the subway was always the same, it is now about ten stations can serve as an easy and normal subway, which they, except for the final at the intersections, serving in both directions. It is therefore possible to observe such an interesting branch of the imposition of the blue to red, when two different types of trains can move at one station. But in this metro, you can always feel the difference between metro simple and easy when you have to change to a completely different way to other compounds. Of course, everyone has their pros and cons, but we do not talk about it when the most important thing here - this is the underground city of St. Louis. Served by a metro public company that operates in the city, not only underground, but most of public transport. As a result of the company, not just the metro was created, it continues to evolve. The blue line was built in 2006, when the pre-crisis remained only one year. So that good value for money goes only to the benefit of the country. As for the moment that the subway passes through the Missouri River: it was planned a few options, but settled on the fact that it is best to tunnel under the river, so now everyone can feel the whole of the local river water major river. In general, the subway was very convenient and practical, not to mention the fact that the price of a ticket is low, which is very convenient for students who ride around the city to the university, and for most other people who ride the subway to work. And there are quite a lot - every day on the subway here sits on 60,000 people, so work underground in this town is very tense - and convenience but it is.

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