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San Francisco subway map

The fastest subway

Met in this famous city is one of the fastest in the world. Despite the fact that a wide variety of rail lines have a velocity greater than the line at San Francisco, however, among other subways in different countries, it has the highest speed that exceeds 130 miles per hour. This was achieved due to the fact that the stretch between stations is much longer than in other places, but because it is very convenient for the development of high speed between stations. Given that most of these spans has a length of more than two kilometers outside the city, the average speed over the maximum decreases slightly. Why are there so many large spans? The thing is that most stations are located on the main branches are located far enough away from each other, because it is not purely a subway under the city of San Francisco, and stretched across the metropolitan area, which includes a large and small towns, located on the outskirts of this great city, and also includes a separate airport. If you think you have it all - too little to accelerate very quickly, then think about what would happen if the length of almost 200 kilometers of subway is a little more than 40 stations? This means that even if the lines are counted rather roughly, the distance just over 4 miles. This means that you can safely overclock the train. So that such large distances that are only in favor of Metro. As for other aspects of local railway lines, you can view them below.

Accuracy, as in Switzerland

Many say that the subway is inconvenient. As they say, if try to ride the subway in San Francisco, where here in the vast majority of stations are only 20 seconds for parking, while in other places trains can be much longer. It all depends on how much the average person sits on a platform, so the time can be both larger and smaller than the total time is calculated for a point. But due to long spans can be easily this time to catch up, or vice versa. Therefore, the underground San Francisco - this is one of the finest subway, which you can find. Managers are working very hard, especially when you want to overtake several trains simultaneously on a very narrow stretch of road. Here, their skill is particularly useful, because only through them when they start up on time or stop the train, safety is ensured. The demand from them is very big, but they have enough work-paid because of nerves and complexity, so that the majority of managers who are passionate about their work, never on it do not complain.

High quality equipment

Well look at this subway not only the trains but the station. Here they are made for specific technologies, which allow to keep the noise inside. It is known that this rail is one of the most noisy and rough surfaces in subway stations do not provide this noise is not the slightest opportunity to get out, so as not to prevent people from sleeping. Each station is equipped with the latest technology, there are lifts and all that is required to work with people with disabilities. Wide hallways, lots of light - one of the most beautiful subway in the world.

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