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This city is called the cradle of American liberty, as it is here that there have been the most significant events of the American Civil War. However, today this city, and has even more rights, it still is not very large city. But it still has a subway, which was built in 1938. This station is very original, because it mixed up several completely different lines - there is a traditional metro and tram, metro and light - all linked together by a common system. Of course, it does not go on the tram metro track, just a gradual transition from one system to another. Paths of different types intersect in different parts of town to the townspeople could easily transfer to other vehicles and continue the journey. Thus, the development of the current subway is going to the following schedule. In 1907 appeared the first station, which is now on the blue line. Now, this line is the largest metro line, which is in Philadelphia. After she had a second line, which has already become an orange - this line passes through the center of the city, and it moves away from a kind of process that goes even deeper into the city center, allowing tens of thousands of people get to work in minutes from any part of the city. This line was established in 1928, 20 years later, and following it, the red line, opened in 1938. Taken together, these lines form a network of subways, which covered the whole underground part of the city and its suburbs. Keep on the subway from the city authorities decided not to, so that is followed by other lines - a light metro and trams. Most of the metro is nodivided into separate sections, which belong to different companies that develop this area further, or simply manage the railways in the region.

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Other tracks that are also in Philadelphia, the places connected with the subway, that people were much easier to make their trips to different parts of the city. For example, tram routes, more precisely, some of which are integrated with the subway, to going out in the city center at the metro station, you can immediately get on the tram and get to the desired location with greater accuracy. Some routes in the city are not connected with the subway, but it is more convenient for local residents, when you can get without a special flea market, for example, to store a couple of streets - it's much more convenient than going with the crowd of office workers after the subway. These are made specifically for the convenience of the people, not for profit, because sometimes for the integration of the old tram lines to the new stations required to spend much more money than could have been if it had not had to lay a path much closer to the subway. This makes the transport system of Philadelphia is not only social object of the city, but also an important part of the whole transport system in the region because of the lines goes, even in neighboring states, which provides additional income for the city by long-distance transportation, because a certain portion of people traveling in New Jersey offering easy access and up to New York.

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