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New York subway map

Almost the first underground in New York

One of the first subway in the world is a world famous underground in New York. He began to build long before the subway was planned in many countries around the world, its creation date is ahead of only the underground in London, built a few years earlier. Now it is one of the largest metro in the world, because it has more than 400 subway stations. It would seem that it may be easier - to count the metro station, because they have a specific number, but not all that easy. Various estimates give different results. Someone said that in New York has 468 subway stations, while others put the figure at less than 50 stations. In some cities, 50 stations - it is all underground, but here it is considered a normal error, because the number of lines is very large, and because the transitions between the stations are sometimes innodividually, or two stations merged into one - all this gives different data for certain systems calculation. But if you do not go into the number of subway stations, you can immediately tell that here is all very confusing and unclear. See for yourself - 26 subway lines under the ground, connect the different islands, different cities and suburbs of New York, which are located on a fairly large area. All this at a glance scary, but usually the inhabitants of the city are only a minimum number of branches, so they are not confused about a few dozen stations.

Once upon a time, and it was a small

Combining the five boroughs of the city at the present time, the underground city of New York, even if you can believe it, was once a very small and simple. It is also a metro has passed through some stages of development, because the original subway in New York was the rope, and then three years later he made the steam, and then, when electricity came into force, the subway has become more like the modern lines for many cities around the world. Since then, Metro has grown and developed, and to date there are over a thousand kilometers of railway line, which is located mostly underground, and sometimes comes to the surface. Another feature of the subway in New York - it is nodivided into two parts. As mentioned earlier, part of the subway, and a large portion is served by one company, and a separate island is served by a different transport company, which connects Manhattan Island with the city center. Thus, despite the apparent nodivision of the city is still bound by the main railway lines.

Produce one's ticket

It is convenient to set up a system of payment. There are tickets for all modes of transport, but, nevertheless, they are united, and that means buying a ticket, you can ride not only on the subway, but also any form of public transport. Despite the apparent advantage of the subway, to the not so distant points can be reached by bus, so using it is a single payment system is very convenient for most people who live in New York. Moreover, this ticket is not electronic, but he was being watched very carefully, and you can not pass when it is expired. In general, the subway in the city is very nice and friendly, as befits one of the best metro in the world.

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