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Miami subway map

The famous resort

The fame of the world Miami was only due to the fact that it is the only internationally popular resort of America, which is not on the islands, and on its territory, so it has all the creature comforts that can only come up with a man. Is there a good subway, which helps people to get from home to the warm sea or ocean. Favor of the subway to the resort town appreciated the people who build their own business, so that the benefit of the underground at this point was evident at that time. But what gives us the underground in Miami? Of course, the ability to travel quickly, avoiding traffic jams bright city. The first subway came here in 1982, when it was still a small part of what we now can offer you this gorgeous city. Now subway line is more than 35 kilometers and consists of several branches. All in all lines is 22 stations, and this is not the largest metro in the country, although there are certainly some are smaller. Of course, the subway in the true sense of the word here should never be built because of the proximity of the ocean and the bay on the opposite side. Imagine a drill hole on the edge of the earth - it's madness. Therefore, all deep stations are at a maximum distance from the water. At the same time, using every precaution that was not underground or submerged during the rainy season, or just a case of strong waves or water from the ocean. There are elevators that can take a few seconds a few tens of meters deep, and in case of danger to lift people to the surface. In general, the Miami metro is very convenient. First, it can easily get anywhere, and secondly, there are all conditions for high-quality and convenient passage of any people.

At sea, on the subway

Initially, the subway in this city was created only in the center. Still, a large number of office buildings, businesses and others who have been concluded it is in the city center, there is created a risk of large caps, so that the original idea for a subway argued precisely these reasons. Others, too, were at that time, but they were not as important as transportation. Now, after the subway decided to push a little further, so that you can use it fully, it can go anywhere - all 22 stations are at your disposal for only $ 2 per train. Hours Metro is very convenient for the city: the subway runs from 5 am until the hour of the night, until all the revelers did not go home.

Always cool and well

The technical part of the metro is also located at a height, as later during construction showed that the better cars, which are required for light-rail, which is located on the ground, not only in depth, should be quite different not to have problems in hot weather. After all, Miami is almost always very warm, which means that people should not sit in a stuffy cars, when it's roasting sun, and air-conditioning does not help. Light and airy, in which, nevertheless, useful at night when not so hot - so that such options are very convenient for the resort town, which is Miami.

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