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Los Angeles subway map

A lot of problems - and all agreed to the metro

The history of the underground in this city is quite interesting. Originally the city had a lot of rail transport, but because the amount is constantly growing and as a result of all the lines have formed a fairly dense network, which only confused most of the inhabitants of the city, growing every year. By the middle of last century, tram tracks, it was decided to close, so as not to create even more problems, growing easy on the eyes. But at the same time as the tram went missing in the city, began to increase the number of motorists. To avoid further problems, such as traffic jams in every area of ??the city authorities have decided to resort to new measures. Return the tram, they could not, because most of the tract was safely dismantled, so that in the eighties of last century, decided to begin construction of the subway. The case was rather difficult, because Los Angeles was located on the complex and hard rock, but because the first branch of the underground was built about seven years. But the grand opening of branches and further use will significantly reduce the level of congestion, when people move on a new kind of public transport. It was kind of a victory for city officials to find a new solution to old problems that have dragged on for over fifty years.

Strength above all else

Immediately after opening, when passed only a few months, there was an earthquake, which usually destroys houses and many other facilities, but resisted the metro. There was not even a single crack in the walls of the tunnel - for it had to thank the engineers and builders, who put the border by 7.5 points, while the earthquake was funded about one points to a peak. Witnesses noted that while collapsed bridges and overpasses, but the subway was untouched. At this point all the lines that were built in the city, and they have only two: red and purple - have the same level of safety as the first line opened between the first few stations. Therefore, all 28 kilometers of subway - it's a solid secure tunnel, which, however, at some points connected with a lighter metro, which has a much wider coverage. In contrast to conventional metro, light metro Los Angeles has three branches, and allows people to move from town to town, more precisely, from different parts of the current metropolitan area, which has grown to very large sizes. Easy subway lines are much more practical than the heavy underground, but there is something to admire. In particular, under the ground you can find very original design of each station. They are all different, so you can not find any similar plant which would have callouses your eyes while you were under the ground. The unique design of each station makes it very recognizable, and the choice of several images is always very easy to do, so you would not even put the pointer to the fact that there is a certain station, and so people understand that here, thanks to a certain color, there is only this station, and not some other.

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