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Las Vegas subway map

A lot of pathos

One would think, why in such a city should be underground? Residents here at first glance, not much, besides visiting and not as much as can be seen at resorts in Miami, so why build a small station in the city. Look around when you're in the city - around a solid copy of the magnificent buildings from around the world. There are pyramids, castles, palaces, everything, everything, everything the property is worth more than a few states, so it is not surprising that people have decided to build a subway. It is not as big as in other cities, and there is only one branch, which serves all of metro for the city. Total line has 6 stations, which are the main points in the city. For example, one of the stations - it's Hilton Hotel, known around the world. So here it is now clear why it took the subway. It remains only to talk about what kind of underground, as it looks a little to describe all of its external characteristics.

For residents and visitors

Despite all the rhetoric and luxury, which is available in this magnificent city, its subway, however, was not built with the expectation that people will be amazed how a small town, where only 700,000 people, there is a large Metro. Easy subway, which was built in Las Vegas, was the decision of the majority of the problems that haunted the people of this city. Generally, as you know, this city was to be the epitome of the American dream, where every man could have his own house and car. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal are numerous suburbs were built, which later merged with the city is quite massive tracks. But here, it soon became impossible to pass on these routes without traffic jams because cars became too much, and suburbs have grown, so that the average man's way was too large to overcome it with mirrors. The answer to these problems has become an easy subway, which stretches through the city center and decided most of the problems with traffic jams, which were exactly in the center of the city, but had no effect on what the situation remained in the suburbs, where people sometimes, too, stood in traffic and does unable to get home. In general, the subway in the heart of Las Vegas - is not only a means of transportation, but also kind of fun, even when there is no power to call a taxi - you just sit on the subway and go to your hotel.

Easy in Las Vegas

Easy subway in Las Vegas - it is certainly convenient, stylish and holds a very high quality. Among the shortcomings had already been shown insufficient length of this line, because it is required that Metro continued for several miles in both directions and had several branches, so that people can easily get to the house every day, but there is still time, but the metro continues to build that allows people to hope that one day their home will be near the subway line, and they can easily commute to work quickly and without traffic jams, many years ago, when there were so many cars. Of course, now the problem is still far from complete, however, would not say that the subway is built for a long time - it will be built.

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