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Jacksonville subway map

Rather big town

This town, which seemed to be almost completely unknown, but it's pretty close - now there are about 800,000 people - also has its own subway. In fact, there is also no metro in its pure form, but only a monorail that connects the different parts of the city. It seems that 800 000 people underground and does not really need, because the city is spread in one of the most picturesque places near the river, sea traffic - people can move to the right place, and other means of transportation, however, given that the 800,000 - this is only the city and its surroundings is still about half a million people, the movement between neighborhoods, neighborhoods, suburbs and small towns in the neighborhood requires a unified railway network in the city, which not only tied to the region, but also significantly improved the traffic situation. In general, a subway would be a real step forward in the rapid development of the city, because only in this case, the city would have begun a larger influx of labor. As a result, the underground in the city appeared - even a monorail, that he did not provide this capacity, as a large underground, but it is worth noting that the situation in the city and the truth is much improved. One has only to examine more closely the district map, and you'll notice that around Jacksonville is a lot of small towns, and the entrances to the city such as flyovers there is not much to allow all who wish to enter the city without the traffic jams. Imagine that at least one-fifth of those who live near this city, enters into it every morning. If they traveled in cars, it would be huge traffic jams, while the Metro is seriously reduces the length of the tubes, providing a comfortable and convenient travel.

Monorail through the city and its environs

Monorail for Jacksonville is convenient because it is this form of transport allows you to save the ecology of the region, which is very important for local residents and tourists. After Jacksonville this is a city which is located in Florida, though in fact it north. On the number of tourists coming here to relax, it does not affect, so the authorities concerned that the local means of transport are not polluted the environment. To ensure maximum throughput for the monorail, we created several branches, which at minimum intervals of time walking small compositions. Each part can easily accommodate about 100 people, but because the stations had not accumulate a lot of people. Carefully measured the distance, time - all these people will never be late for work, as might happen if they did not use public transport, as well as his personal car. Therefore, no matter what other people are talking about the subway or monorail - in fact it is very convenient and fast, especially for large cities. After all, you will not be stuck in traffic, and this is a major advantage for this type of public transport. The most important thing is price - the price is a ticket for the monorail is not so high as to avoid it travels to work every day.

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