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Young and cheap metro

Built in the late nineties, the Metro has a fairly strong influence on the development of the city. As we know from many films that were shot of Detroit - a city where heavy industry is strong, as well as numerous shopping areas and narrow residential areas. But this is all we know from the films. However, this was in Detroit to a small decline before they built the subway. The peculiarity of this station is that it is completely above ground, which makes it possible to build new lines are much cheaper than in other cities. It is known that the construction of the subway when it is under the ground, costing tens of millions of dollars per kilometer, while the laying of conventional railway will cost much cheaper, but because the construction will cost very little. As a result, laying paths in Detroit, there were many changes, but this will be told in other articles. Here we will focus on the metro, connecting the different parts of one branch of the subway. What can I tell you interesting?

Only one branch

First, in Detroit, there is one branch of the ring. The city is not very large, so the circular route delivers the majority of people right up to the place of work or back home in the evening, while directly to the work they can get on the bus already. And the same who do not want to shake on public transport, prefer to hang around in traffic jams, which are typical for any respectable city. The ring, which forms this underground, is more like a rectangle of irregular shape, as the city itself was built in the form of a shapeless figure. In other words, all 14 metro stations, and their is so much on a single branch of Metro Detroit, accurately show the most important points of the city. Among them there are not only living quarters and working areas, but also several other points at which people are very fond of walking. In particular, one of the stations located in close proximity to shopping centers.

Not a very good subway

Many people say that Metro Detroit is quite bad. In addition, it does not allow people to contact the Detroit metropolitan area and surrounding cities, so there is not even a branch chord that would bring people to the center, where most of the middle class. But it all costs time, lack of money, as well as poor development of the city in recent times. Some even say that the local subway is simply no future, because people from the town of mostly go to other cities, so you can get a more prestigious position than in their native place, and because many people simply left town, leaving their home. This clearly was not due to the fact that DVB-metro is very noisy, compared to a conventional subway, but simply for economic reasons, but, nevertheless, the subway in the city is, it works, and most importantly, it means that people will travel to and from work. The further development of the subway so far unknown, as the city's development is unknown.

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