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Cleveland subway map

Combined Metro

Subway in Cleveland - is the same station, which is in almost every major city in America. Here it is presented not only as a standard subway, but also as a subway, which gradually transforms into a light metro and extends a little further downtown. These systems are good because they allow people to get to their homes faster, because light metro is mainly on the surface of the earth, and it means that people will be much simpler and easier to carry in cars travel on the surface than if the lines were under ground. Thus, the condition of the subway in Cleveland at the moment - it's three lines of standard subway that runs under the whole territory of the city and has a length of 54 kilometers, which is located at 49 stations. Thus, the average length of driving between stations is just over a kilometer. All three lines of the underground intersect in one location go hand in hand in the center of the city to all stations and all the ways you can get the same good fortune estimated in the same place as your colleagues from other areas of the city. This ensures a high quality service and trains citizens to the center. In other places, as a rule, the lines are only a few intersections, but here is right on the intersection of four stations, just under the business center of the city, where is most of the offices and workplaces.

Rainbow Line

Despite the fact that the subway was opened in 1955, many lines were built much earlier. So, for example, the last line, the red, which runs parallel to the coast along the city, was opened only in 1968, and it connects the suburbs of the city and the airport, walking at the same time through the city center. As for the other lines, they were built much earlier and were completed before the Second World War in 1936, but at the same time, they are not underground in the truest sense of the word. That is, these lines, blue and green - it's just an easy subway, which goes on all the main streets of the city, and not buried under them. With this system, most of the subway is not laid down, and on the surface. This allows people to see where they go and where they need to get out, so this system is quite popular in the past and the present, when the extension of subway lines are under construction. All together, the old lines give two-thirds the length of the path of all Metro stations and make 35 out of 48. Therefore, light metro still prevails in this city, and that means less noise and dirt from such transport definitely like people of the city.

Prices are available to the public

Now travel in this type of transport is relatively small, mainly due to the fact that there is a small length of lines, and this leads to the fact that people basically do not go through the city center, and travel by subway to the suburbs and beyond. Therefore, these prices seem very democratic, although slightly lower than in big cities, where for the price of the dollar is more than can safely be worn all the hundreds and even thousands of kilometers of roads. Nevertheless - Metro is the subway, and its use is a definite plus for the citizens and the authorities.

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