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The second metro of America

This subway was created later than the subway in New York, the difference is around about 12 years old and the oldest part of the Metro in Chicago, was founded in 1892, after which further branches were built underground, which created a network of roads around Chicago, joining city and inner suburbs and areas. A large metropolitan area, as well as many other cities in America, Chicago is a center of technology and students, so fast and cheap subway from all sleeping areas is the most convenient means of transportation in this city. The owner of the subway in the city - Chicago Transit, a company that has a monopoly in the city and did not nodivide its subway, for example, it can be seen in New York City. But this nodivide is not so much - just a metro station and 144 8 lines, all of which converge only in the city. So, if you need to get to the opposite end of the subway, how would you not want to, you have to pass through several stations and level crossings, which are located in the city. On the side lines, you'll have to transplant because they are only in town but do not go back, but for most you do not have to do so, because it is - through the lines that pass through the city and connect the opposite parts of the city.

The necessity is obvious

The need to build a subway in Chicago, came long before it became the center of American college students. In the late nineteenth century, when the eastern city of America has developed through trade and seafaring people thinking about what should be done to inner-city could move the cargo without traffic jams and problems quickly and simply. The idea to create some semblance of an underground emerged in humans, which are generally associated with transport were not really. They were the owners of liquor stores. As we know, there are shops and wine cellars, where is very convenient to dig tunnels, so cooperate, all the wine merchants in the city created a small network between multiple stores under the whole city. A small network had a length of 70 kilometers, and loads of it delivered in small wagons that have sides and a relatively small capacity. As a result, the rate of transport of goods has become much more expensive than steel are loaded, and as a consequence, the city began to develop more actively. The case also went to what was becoming more and more cars, and move on the surface became increasingly difficult. As a result of the cargo layout was created by the passenger subway station.

Problems in the streets and above

Along with the development of the underground in the city and the problems began. Now all of the mileage of roads, more than half are above street level, which means that the noise interferes with sleep train people not the first floor or basement, and residents who are at the second through fifth floors. As a result, once these branches have been built underground, most of the houses just lost a lot of money because of the noise, because once the expensive areas have now been filled with noise and dirt, which led to a significant reduction in cost. For those who sleep soundly at night, it was just a plus, but all the others began to complain that a noisy subway level of the head did not decorate the city. But its effectiveness is too high to give up because of complaints from him. As a result, it expects a further development.

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