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Network Monopoly

The whole system of transport networks, which are in Atlanta, owned by the same firm. Its development, she began with, bought a few routes. She now holds in his hands not only the 132 bus route, but also the entire subway system. Because of this, in spite of the monopoly of the company, people can still quickly and easily get to work. Metro Atlanta is now - it's 38 stations, four branches and 77 kilometers of track that stretches from north to south along the city and slightly nodivergent from west to east. This is really the structure of the local metro, all because of the city. The system, which belongs to the subway, called simply MARTA. This is a combined system, which initially did not want to build, because in this case, all would have been easy transportation in the hands of the same company. But that did not look, so that in the late sixties began monopolizing the city. A little later there were still some changes in the development, so that as a result the company now has a lot of buses and all the subway, which they built with their own money, not government. Although, if you look closely, several districts in the state even decided to change all your financial institutions to be able to realize the idea of several people. Yes, in fact, the idea of creating a system of MARTA - is the idea, though the meeting of the city, but still there were a lot of private investors.

The most common underground

Now the subway, as I said previously, consists of four branches, which stretch across the city. They connect the city with several districts, but not the suburbs, because the construction of the city is gradually until it can not be called urban agglomeration, which swallowed up large settlements. Thus, 76 kilometers of the railway, which, like a spider's web connects all parts of the city together, all the lines passing through the center, such as befits a real subway. Further, speaking about the kind of underground, we can say that there are no differences here - is the most common underground, is not easy, not fast, but the most ordinary, which is available in most cities. But here the construction of the subway was happening on the principle that you can not quite touch the historic city center. The Americans are very proud of its past, so the houses over a hundred years are historically valuable and no one dares to demolish or rebuild. Therefore, taken into account when laying underground of the fact that most of the old buildings in the city simply can not touch it, but because the tunnels were dug just below the surface. In the late seventies, it was quite possible to drill a large tunnel at a depth of 50 meters and it does not hurt anything important. Therefore, construction of the subway was not a big issue for the historic buildings in the city center. In the future, all branches that have been the center of the city, came out and the station have become land, and how they should be. Further planning of the city means that the use of the underground will be very useful, because the city will develop in the same directions, which are underground lines. Therefore, people do not mind about the railroad at the windows.

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