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Another beautiful subway

Subway in Sharjah will be the third subway in the UAE, but, however, it becomes the third largest by number of passengers, even though he had to take third place among the most beautiful subway in the world. As in other metropolitan cities of the country was very beautiful and ornate, the subway in the city of Sharjah will be another great place where people cannot just go to work and back, but still enjoy the beauty of the underground. What else can you tell us about the upcoming Subway? First, its construction has not yet begun, because there are active discussions, whether it is necessary to do so from one metropolitan city led to another city, so that people could travel non-stop from Sharjah to Dubai. However, while it is only projects that are imposed on the paper, but in reality there is even the beginning of construction. However, it is not so important, given the amount of money to be paid by the builders, the work can begin immediately after ordering. So the fact that Metro has not even started is not a big problem for the citizens. So, let's move on to the next stage, which refers to the subway - it's his view. Here, nobody is going to build a light metro, because for a lot of light metro - it's too little, far better would be if the subway will be normal. In particular, the standard will be underground throughout the city and will cover at least part of the suburbs, but this is only the first time. Inside the city of the metro, as it should be for the big city, will take place on roads with overpasses and viaducts. Thanks to such underground engineering structures can then be used much more active than the underground, because without any overloading of transport station will be to let more or less frequently, depending on the flow of people. As you can see, the plans here, as in other cities of the UAE, are grandiose. Money to carry them out, too much emphasis, but it remains an open question - where and how to conduct underground.

We connect the entire country

The thing is that if the subway from the city of Sharjah will go straight to the subway branch in Dubai, then, according to the authorities of Dubai, it may distract them tourists, and it would be unprofitable for the city which will not receive a proper return from another city subways. Therefore, to Dubai is much cheaper to maintain their independence in terms of the subway so people remained in their city, and not sent to the other, to spend their money there. Such is the cunning plan, which is completely opposite to another plan, which builds the City of Sharjah. For them, the influx of visitors from the city of Dubai - it's just another way to earn a lot of money, because then we can build more places of entertainment, as well as to engage in infrastructure development, to add the working population in the city. Therefore, the purpose of binding the two metro cities is economic, although not everyone likes. But be that as it may, the subway should be built by 2017 to become the third and fifth in the country in the Middle East. Due to this city like Metro will benefit, no matter what type Metro did not happen. Only the underground city will be out for the situation. As mentioned previously, the implementation of the plan need only specify that you want to build in the city, as this issue still remains the most important and necessary for the country and city.

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