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Dubai subway map

The richest metropolitan

The richest country in the world could do without its own subway, which was built in its largest city - Dubai. It is said to have houses made of pure gold and the road paved with granite, the most expensive. However, the underground here, despite the description of the city, not made of gold, though it is richly decorated. In general, the presence of a subway in the city contributes only to the fact that people will come here more often and more, because a subway - a rarity for any country. In particular, the design of all stations made at the highest level at least, because it is necessary to support the country's image as the richest. At subway stations can be seen not only the standard attributes of the underground, like the letter M, or a large number of escalators, but also the many ornaments like crystal chandeliers that adorn the hallway or any area station. Generally, this is the most expensive subway at least clearance, because, as mentioned above, any station is decorated with very expensive. And oddly enough, but no one here did not steal and does not spoil, because people in these decorations just want to see - almost everyone here can get a similar jewelry at least once a year. No wonder that this country is the richest country in the world. But not in this case. The local subway is also acting very strict rules, which are not recommended to break, otherwise a fine will be quite severe. For example, the trains cannot eat, drink, alcohol, and to transport animals. In case of violation of the rules will be a fine of $ 50. For rich people, this stuff, but they usually do not use the subway. For ordinary people it is quite a large sum of money. To avoid penalties, you just follow the rules, it's quite simple. However, there are many other ways to lose money there.

Comfort above all else

In general, the UAE - a country where there are Muslim laws. That is, there are places only for women or for children, but because they cannot occupy the place of men. You also can not use the button to stop a train or an escalator for no reason - this provides a more serious penalty. As to the merits of Dubai Metro, there may be a good idea to save money if you buy tickets in bulk. By the way, subway here is pretty cheap, but if you compare the price of government revenue, it is generally the cheapest station - for 50 cents you can ride on the subway this in any direction. If you take two tickets at once - you will be off, will take longer - the discount will be even greater. Children provided free transportation. So, as you see in the UAE can be a very good save, every day, traveling on the subway. If you prefer to make this country a tourist trip, you can do so only with money to stock up, because here only the cheapest metro, and just about the rest yet unknown. But thanks to the beautifully decorated subway you really can get a lot of fun at least from what you just happen to be out there and ride the subway. By the way the subway is very convenient - except for the fact that it is controlled by an automatic system, there are also very comfortable seats and air conditioners are available that maintain the temperature in a rather comfortable range.

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