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The second, but only in the capital

In the capital of the UAE Metro does not appear the first, because it safely ahead of the other city - Dubai. But in the big city is not a problem that predates the underground in some other city, not here. But we can say that there simply is no such competitive spirit, because these cities belong to the same country. So, as for the city of Abu Dhabi, there is only a subway to be built, because to a certain point it just was not possible due to the heavy workload of the city. Imagine a city that is fully loaded car just because it has the largest range of industries in the country - the movement on the roads is so difficult that even small cars can barely squeeze through. For this reason, in Abu Dhabi began to build a subway. Generally, the capital of UAE, Dubai is ahead only because the city must be the best in the country. But in fact, for the development of the country makes more than in Abu Dhabi. And because in this city subway will be in the second turn. Generally, to build a subway, it was agreed only because the city's population is likely to double over the next decade, but because the problem of busy roads will remain the same even if the city will be wide roads. Therefore, currently being drafted, which is constantly changing depending on the research, so do not even know yet exactly how many stations will be and what type they are. All data on the subway so far given only approximately, and this means that even if tomorrow they could turn out to be incorrect. But what, it is what it is, therefore, will talk about what is currently on the metro in Abu Dhabi.

All at once

First, we plan to immediately build and put into operation more than 100 kilometers of fabric that will be distributed throughout the city, including its suburbs. The total length of 131 kilometer is equal to the project, but all this will not completely underground, and only partly because it is impossible to build a large underground in a large, densely populated city is completely under the ground or on the streets of the city, because it will only lead to more congestion than we have now. Therefore, the construction will be combined for greater convenience of city residents, who are now totally dependent only on the fact that the subway in the city will finally be built. But in general the plan states that the project will be spent over $ 7 billion, as the subway, though not planned to create in the same splendor as the subway in the city of Dubai, but it should not be much worse, because the national interest, too should be reflected in the metro. As a result, while not known exactly what will be underground, but the start of construction was already expected, because the city is actively under construction and planned to hand over the entire metro by 2015. As a result, construction is less than 3 years, to complete all its work and submit a new subway, which will give the country and around the city in particular, new development prospects, which in turn will give impetus to the further development of the country.

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