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Izmir subway map

Small, but good

Enough of the history of the world famous city in Turkey has its own subway in 2000. Construction of the subway were built nearly five years, then passed some tests, and then the subway can be operated as usual. This led to what is now underground in Izmir enjoys almost 100 000 people every day, and for the year in the metro cities is 30 million. Despite the fact that the opening date of the subway in the city rather late, in fact, planned long before the subway. And as usual, the reason for this was a bad situation on the roads where most residents prefer to travel by car rather than public transport. As a result, many cork city are increasingly pinned down, but the problem was only on paper. The plan was approved, and then the subway was built - in just five years. Part of this time tested underground, so that people can feel safe, and then the subway opened to the public. In general, the size of the line is small - only 11 kilometers and 10 subway stations that allow people to safely enter the train. But it's not that simple, because if Metro was completed at this size - it would be too easy. It is preparing something big, something that is not in the other cities of Turkey, and plans for it was not even in Europe. This underground, in Izmir, will be unique only due to the fact that there is a huge spur to be built underground, beneath which will be held throughout the city, and will cover a large area adjacent to the city. The length of this branch is 80 miles.

The giant branch

Of course, building it will last a long time, but the building process is simplified by the fact that almost all of it will be on the ground, because it would go beyond the city limits, where the subway you cannot hide under the earth, but because it will all be built much faster What could be built in if it is to dig a tunnel 80 kilometers in length. Thus, the metro will take place on the earth, and therefore we can assume that the solid away from the city of settlements will be a little bit. This means that the distance between stations is quite large. The same can be said to know that the line will be only 32 stations. As a result, the distance between them will be more than two kilometers, which is quite unusual for a densely populated region. But consider the distance required, not us, but because we can only wait for the subway will be built. Generally, scheduled in the last decade, it wanted to build in 2010, but it was never built. It is hoped that in the near future and will complete the line will connect with the existing subway, so people can enjoy all the branches in equal measure. Despite the great financial difficulties that may arise during the creation of underground so long, the Government believes that the establishment of a branch will be of great profit, but because the game is definitely worth it. Analysts, in turn, cannot even imagine how many people would enjoy such a large branch, although it is known that all it will take place over a fairly large number of settlements of the region.

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