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Istanbul subway map

Two days of birth

The capital of Turkey just could not go without its own station, when in other cities of the country it was built at a frantic pace. In time to create another network in the capital, were allocated a large amount of resources. Most interestingly, in Istanbul has been underground, and quite old - from 1875. In general, it was wanted to be build here before the war, but construction could not start. Problems were then money, then with the terrain, because Istanbul is located in that territory, there may occur a fairly strong earthquake. But unlike the old subway, which was only 2 stations, new metro now has 10 stations and a length of 15 kilometers, despite the fact that this is just one branch. It is planned to create a few more branches to extend the already existing, and eventually the size of the metro will approach 50 kilometers. Another interesting fact about the metro in Istanbul - as we know, the city is located on either side of the Bosphorus. Accordingly, there are two parts of which are in Europe and Asia, but because the underground, if it will be created under the strait, will be the first subway, which was built between the different parts of the world. This fact makes it a unique station in Istanbul one of a kind. As for other features, they are so far only on paper that does not make them very special. However, the subway, which began to build for quite some time, was for the citizens of this torture, because the underground was built in such a way as not to offend historical monuments not to damage the building. Even worse was the fact that because of the territory on which the city had to make sure that the subway was built open. This resulted in additional costs, because many had to completely dig the streets, and in addition, the establishment of stations are even more difficulties.

Another project

Design of the underground in the form in which we see it today, began in 1987. Then the subway has been revamped under the new plan, despite the fact that the old plans are significantly different from the new. But as it was possible to create a plan if it is the last design was carried out for 40 years before that? Of course, the best option - is to transform it completely. When the subway was built (and the construction of 10 kilometers of subway went 8 years), it was said that it can withstand the underground earthquake measuring up to 9 points. Even the subway in Los Angeles cannot sustain such a strong earthquake, there is a limit set only by 7.5 points. Therefore, the local station for military operations and natural disasters can be very strong. In general, the underground is now under construction in both parts of the world, as mentioned earlier, but because the total length of the subway will be almost 70 kilometers. More than 40 kilometers in the European part of the city, then more than 20 Asian, and remains the strait, which will also become part of the subway, because under it will lay another thread that connects the two parts of the city. Metro will be built in Istanbul for a long time, despite all the plans and projects. This happens only because the city is the historic center of the country, and therefore any problem in the way of construction - it is a problem of old houses and historical sites that are sure to be retained during the construction of new lines underground. As a result, the metro will see no earlier than 5 years.

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