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Bursa subway map

Another light metro

The small town (relatively small), which is located in Turkey, not so long ago got his Subway. Of course, while this small underground, but he carries a lot of people in their trains. That's why Metro is gradually developing in Bursa. Of course, that was built here is not an ordinary subway and light-rail line that passed through the town to connect the different parts. For example, the branch is not straight, but bends as it passes through the city and the north-west it has successfully nodivided in half and a portion goes to the northwest and the other just to the west. But even someone just believes that there is no splitting of the line, because the subway, and so has two branches, greater and it is not necessary. With regard to this opinion, it is shared by most people, despite the fact that the official subway maps have only one branch. But the people said that the two branches, so everyone thinks they are actually two. Except for the fact that it is easy subway, its dimensions are standard - track width of 1435 millimeters, which is the standard size for most modern subways. And together with the fact that there is a 1500 V voltage, then that description can generally think that there is a normal move underground. That is why at the very beginning has always stated that the underground in Bursa - easy. Length of the platform here is only 120 meters, but this is enough for the movement of trains of 3-4 cars. And so people can safely get to any place with comfort, because most of the subway in Bursa is located on the ground.

Not much more light metro

So, as you can see, this subway is small, but there are still several important observations that could be mentioned in the story of the underground city of Bursa. The total length of subway - 22 kilometers, with a branch in the smaller size accounts for only 4.5 kilometers, and it was built in 2008. The first branch was completed much earlier. In 2002 the subway was opened for using and for commercial purposes - or rather start the test, but after a few months, passengers have been able to fully enjoy the subway. It turned out that the subway was being built gradually, and even give up the first line in two parts. To make this more practical approach, the line moved apart in opposite directions. So, it is now being covered not only the city but also the larger suburbs. On the lines of the subway cars go to Siemens, type B-80. In total there are 48 pieces available, and this means that the line is not less than 12 trains. This quantity is the city so far lacking, and therefore additional funds for the purchase of additional cars are not isolated. But there is another planned expansion of the underground branches, after which it will add to its length another 8 miles and a few stations. On the lines is also planned to introduce a system for automatic control of trains to reduce the costs of the urban underground. As a result, residents of Bursa will pay less money to ride the subway. Or, the money will go to the further development of the subway - yet precisely known.

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