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Modern Turkey for many people is nothing other than a State, which can be a good idea to rest, but not all look only at rest. Most of the townspeople engaged in that work, but because in a large city Ankara certainly has to be underground, which would allow to carry passengers. But since the subway in the city did not exist for a long time, and people traveled to work only on land transport, or else by means of personal transportation. And what happened when tourists come to town - it's just impossible to describe, because thousands and hundreds of thousands of people on the streets - it is really a lot for this city. But this is not the main thing. In fact, the main thing is that Metro has now been built and is actively developing. As for what has already been created - the underground was built In 1996, in the midst of the holiday season. At that time, and at the time of the present, there are only two branches of Metro, which have a total length of no more than 23 kilometers and a total of 22 stations they have. All of this together until it forms a local Subway. We can say that for a large city - it is quite small, since the population of Ankara is large, and the presence of such a small underground does not solve the traffic problems of most of the city because of its small size. But it is important not the fact of the size and existence, because a local Metropolitan is located in such a way as to carry the maximum number of passengers. In other words, the underground traffic of persons is the busiest in the city. It is for these reasons, his overall flow of the day as much as 180,000 people. There is a large number of people for not so great for the subway.

To build, until the end

But the Ankara government is not going to stop there, because the most important thing now - is to continue development, to be ready for a big influx of tourists and relieve all city streets from the cars, and so that there is too much. So, what will be carried out in order to achieve this result? First, the subways will rise. That's subways, because at present represented by Ankara Metro light-rail and conventional underground. Rusty will be all the branches, which means that you can ride on any type of transport. As for the size of the future subway here is pretty simple - the total length will double to 45 kilometers, but it will be done only in 2015, because before this time cannot be obtained because of financial difficulties. As for the lines, the two current added three more, and it seriously broaden the scope of the subway, and a lot more than simply increasing the length of the ready-made lines. And because the underground in Ankara will be developed as long as there will be covering all the city to tourists and local residents could easily get to your destination from anywhere in the city. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible because of the intense congestion and a small underground, but it is expected that the situation will improve very much when the lines will be completed before the end.

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