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Adana subway map

Easy subway overpass

Metro Light - is one of the cheapest ways to organize the subway in the city. But not so cheap, so you can make a trip there for free. Money is needed for this everywhere and always. But let's look at the other side. Easy subway is good because it moves fast, has a small size, but because it can move not only underground, but also on the ground and above ground, depending on how well equipped the route for the subway. The city of Adana, which is located in Turkey, was no exception to create a new light metro. This subway was built in 2009, but has already gained wide popularity among people who live in this city. Thanks to a convenient location at which the subway runs through the entire city, people can enjoy the subway whenever possible. However, it does not Metro accessible, since these are still areas in which the metro will never fall, but because there still needed to get on the bus. To save the people from having to ride the bus, and even in the near future to increase the number of lines, which will be located on the local subway. But so far it's only plans, because even a ready-built underground here with great financial difficulties due to lack of money. Almost six years building stood without moving, because the state had no money to pay people salaries, but in 2006 construction resumed, and at the same time managed to finish it in three years. In the end, was the result of the underground, which is available at the moment the length of 13.5 kilometers, but it has 13 stations, which means that the stretch between stations a little more than a kilometer. I want to quickly see, especially for the superstitious people, that in Turkey the number 13 is not unlucky, so they quietly live on the 13th floor, at 13th Street, as well as the subway at 13 stations.

Consider the two sides

What else you can tell a good subway system, which is located in Adana? For a start, it should tell you that most of this elevated subway, that is, he is not under the ground and not on the ground, and it just laid on the overpass, which goes through the city. There are pluses and minuses, and the advantage should be greater, but in terms of the common man to the contrary is less. For starters, on the subway overpass is quite noisy, especially at night when most people are already asleep. Second, the subway overpass can be made only on the roads already built, so all along the roads where there are overpasses and subways, are the supporting pillars. Of the benefits can only be described as easy, because we do not have to go down into the ground to ride on the subway, and this is a good few people. Especially not on each aboveground station has escalators, which could go up. The only advantage, and it does not apply to the location of the metro - it did not fare tokens and special cards that can be purchased at certain places, disburse them separately, and then without the long queues to pass in the subway. With the queues there are certain problems - to 13 stations each day goes more than 750 thousand people.

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