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Kaohsiung subway map

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Kaohsiung City - the second city in Taiwan, which has a subway. Here, it is not so much, but in the nearest future development of the city there is a separate paragraph about the development of Metro, which will be distributed over the entire city, and most importantly - it will be fully connected to the tram and light metro, which in future will lie in this town. Results so far there are two lines - one orange and one red. Both lines have not yet come out of the city, although planned extension of lines up to the outskirts of the town and associated suburbs. Plans, as usual, grandiose, but that's what to expect from their performance, will it, or people will again have to wait several years before the subway will finish building so that it could get anywhere in town. But so far there are two branches, and therefore should pay special attention to them, that there was no problem with how to ride in the subway of Kaohsiung. The most important thing you should know - here badges are sold in vending machines. If you want to buy a chip, you can just drop a few coins into the machine, or bills, and then you get the right number of tokens in the fare on the subway. For the special visitors who travel in groups or as travel every day, there are tokens of discount and smart cards. Tokens offer a discount for people who travel in groups of 10 people. For them, the group sold a chip, which is 20% cheaper, which is very convenient, for example, if your Institute group lives in the same area. If you want to go long and do not pay every time so you should at the box office to buy a smart card. On it you can ride for a certain number of days indicated on the map. Usually there are only two popular species - 100 days and one day. Unlike tokens, group tickets and smart cards can be obtained only at the box office. Not very useful at first glance, but there is just no one deceive you, and you do not have to queue for the counters on a single fare.

Two lines, the two "green"

It's very interesting to know that Kaohsiung Metro is slightly different from the Taipei subway. Here, for instance, the seats painted in certain colors, such as green. This happens because people live in Kaohsiung, which is strongly interested in politics, and green - the color of the Democrats who rule the city. In general, the metro is quite interesting. It is not as dense as in Taipei, but still very comfortable, and people do not always run from station to station to get inside. Here in the middle there is exactly one station per kilometer of track. If you look at the line, the red line is twice longer than the orange: 28 to 14 kilometers. Number of stations is almost the same: 23 to 14 pieces. The red line, judging by the names of stations, passes mainly through industrial areas and railway stations, and therefore carries a lot more people than the orange. At the same time, the Orange branch lies closer to the center of the city, but because there are people prefer to travel only short distances mainly at work. In the future, there also will have lines that are spread throughout the metropolitan area.

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