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Bangkok subway map

Metro as a gift for birthday

Subways in Thailand are only the underground city of Bangkok - the only city in the country, which is underground. Because of this kingdom was the first country with a monarchy, although outdated management, where the subway emerged in at least one city. Opened in 1999, this system has been timed to coincide with the next birthday of the King of Thailand. In that year he turned 72 years old. Generally, this subway system looks pretty modern and covers a large area that had not previously been covered by any type of rail transport. The history of this project is very contradictory and ambiguous. First, build a subway in Bangkok, like in the early nineties, a few years before it was built in reality. Although it was thought that one of the international companies formed in this country must deal with the construction of tunnels and subways in general, she soon withdrew the license because it is politically building would be wrong. As for replacement, soon after the license has been revoked, the government decided to establish a network of roads and highways, which were to solve all transportation problems in the region. Nevertheless, the expected result was not achieved at the time it was scheduled, and the situation in a seriously deteriorated - motorists become much more, while the tracks were no longer able to provide enough bandwidth for a given number of vehicles. But it is precisely for these reasons it was decided to create a subway in the city. The original plan, which was used to create a subway in 1992, became the foundation for the future of the metro, which has already started to build later.

Developing project

The project was launched after a new sponsor was found, which gave enough money for the construction of the underground, because the state itself could not provide financial support for the Metro. The development of the project dealt with the company Siemens, and all parts supplied by a local company. The remainder of the early nineties called Skytrain and stuck behind this project, because the press is actively advertise the project was under that name. Later his name was not changed. Initially, the project was built only a short distance, and gave a small amount of revenue that almost did not even cover the cost of operating trains, what could have been talking about getting back loans that were taken during the late nineties, when just going to subway construction. But then, when people have become accustomed to the Metro, the number of trips has been a serious increase, and after this number has doubled, the owner of the subway could have taken loans to pay. After all loans are paid, the owner is already thinking about expanding its fleet of trains to be able to serve many more people than it was originally. Thus began the further development of the metro in Bangkok, the only subway in the Kingdom of Thailand. For the capital of the kingdom was a major step forward in the development of the country and the city in particular.

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