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Taipei subway map

Think about the people

Taipei Metro is different from other metro little - it has a ground station and ground, and for the most part dominated by ground stations located on piers. The great advantage of the subway is that all stations are equipped with labels not only the local language, but also in English, which allows you to more easily focus on the stations. Taipei Metro also well equipped for the disabled and elderly people - there is not only escalators and elevators, where people can just go down effortlessly. Even more useful is the subway, if you look at the scoreboard, located just above - the inscriptions on them are also made in several languages, which allows almost anyone to read them. These displays indicate the station name, time left before the arrival of the next train. Very convenient that all stations are available not only tickets but also a wide variety of pleasant things that might be needed in the way, because each station is equipped with many stalls that sell almost everything you need passenger.

No detail - in part to the exchange

The cost of a train in the subway in Taipei is not very much. The local currency is from 20 to 65 dollars and translated into an international currency from 0.5 to 2 dollars per trip. Theoretically, it is a very little bit, because people sometimes pay more for their trip to the subway. Generally, everything is done for the convenience of the people. Tickets or tokens for travel purchased in special vending machines that accept only coins and banknotes are not particularly large. If a person has nothing to offer except for large bills, then next door to the sale of tickets you can find a change machine, which will exchange large bills into smaller ones to make you more comfortable buying a ticket. For what you pay in cash or in the machine, you get to go to Metro Taipei in any direction. Subway trains equipped with a standard length of four cars, so anything they do not so different. In each part, and each car is a special place for disabled people, older people and women, so they always are just waiting for their respective inmates. Very rarely, it happens to someone in Taiwan took the place of the disabled. Another convenient thing in the metro - you can always ask the cashier a free subway map. It will give you not just look back and - you will give it forever, so you know, where you can or should go, and where not to get on the subway. Convenient card is equipped with the marks on the 15 most popular languages, so people can read many of these cards, and avoid confusion in notation. Therefore, having considered the same level of detail in the metropolitan Taipei, we can safely say that the subway is done with special amenities for everyone, not just residents of the city and country, but also for foreign visitors, but because even a tourist can not get lost in the subway, if he is offered a ride on it. Everywhere signs are installed, signs that show when and where to go, where to go, when to wait for the train - it's all very convenient and practical in terms of any passenger subway.

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