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Damascus subway map

Difficulties in construction

Another country in Asia, which will be in the queue of countries that have already built underground in the region. However, it is too early to say that the subway will be built this country, despite the fact that the building was announced five years ago. Generally, as you know, currently in the country there is a national conflict, and thus escaped from the country not only a lot of minds, but also a lot of capital. In particular, the country took a few major foreign investors who invested in the development of the country. However, some of the money for the construction of the country still has - for example, that money may include funds that Syria received from the European Development Bank. This was the sum of 2.5 million euros. Not as much as it might seem at first glance, because the country were going to build a subway, but the money had to go to the construction process itself, but only to the study of soils and the area as a whole, which was to be sent to the building. As a result, money has been implemented, the project has been carried out, and even prepared a draft, which read, how many stations, how many branches, which will lead to - all of these data were presented in detail in the plan, but so far about the fact that the underground construction, Damascus responding. Generally, this should be expected - the process of preparation for the construction of the underground - this is a very complex undertaking that requires about a year and a half years. In any case, when the situation in the country will be easier to begin to build the subway almost immediately - as was stated in the city. Currently, however, the situation is quite complicated, so difficult to talk about the fact that in the coming months will be to the subway.

Economic problems

However, since the plan for a subway on his hands, you can talk about what will be the local subway, because such arguments tend to lead to the fact that the subway is even better than before, because people's opinions will be taken into account. But the opinion of the readers of this article into account, unfortunately, will not, so we just take a look at the data that we offer a plan to build a metro in Damascus. So, all in the city will be built three branches, each of which is highlighted by its color: red, blue and green. Usually begin with the construction of the red line, but this time the construction will be started with the blue branches, which will take place throughout the city and will have a minimum length. In general, it is to start construction of the smallest branches have decided after the decision was made about the fact that the money for the construction of the remaining branches will be partially borrowed from the proceeds of short branches. The green branch will have 16 kilometers in length, and the green is only 11. As a result, the total length of 35 kilometers underground, this will be built in 46 stations. Such an amount would be enough at first, because for a small town (relatively small), this amount will be ideally suited for further development. At the moment for a city with a population of less than half a million people, we cannot offer anything better than the metro of this size. The plan construction should be completed by about 2016, but the current situation can push deadlines subway construction in the city for a few more years, so that the issue that remains open until at least this reason. Another reason - lack of money, but in addition it is also the global crisis, even though Syria has played only a crisis at hand. But let's wait until, finally, the metro will be built in Damascus.

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