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Zurichk subway map

Subway instead of the tram

One of the most stable countries in the world decided to start construction of the underground, which will take place directly in Zurich, the heart of this country. Generally, the sooner this was only a tram that went into the ground in places where cruised through underground lines, is located directly beneath the streets of the city. Now they want to replace the normal tram subway, which will move along the same lines, but Bole new date. This means that currently have a plan, under which the subway in the city will be a particular route, which at the same time do not hurry to nodivulge. But there is complete confidence that the Metro will be extremely convenient and useful to the city. The only reliable information so far regarding this subway is only in the fact that the construction of the underground allocated more than 12 million francs. Do not look at this figure as an incredibly small sum for the construction of the underground, it is well known that in many other countries have built subways, putting them far more money - for example, in Romania, where over one kilometer of fabric were ready to put $ 40 million . Here are a few features that make it possible to build the underground for the money. Let's look at the Zurich tram tracks - this is already almost finished subway, just enough to replace the rails themselves, and now the new subway, which will be great replacement for the old subway. As for the trams, there awaits them a small incident - they will now only go up to nine o'clock in the evening. If before the trams were moving to 11 pm, but now they only go to 9, and that is why local residents are dissatisfied with the prevailing situation. However, especially for residents of Zurich will be put more buses, which will deliver the evening people go home. This, of course, the update time of tramways is very convenient.

At the old place

But people are ambivalent about the fact that they now have in the city will have its own subway. Most people are pleased that now, instead of the tram will be underground, but some people are more concerned about the fact that at the time of construction of the road will be blocked because the trams will move just before nine o'clock. In general, if we talk about the new subway, it is mostly held in the old ways, but because the subway in Zurich will remain the same route as the tram tracks. It is very convenient, because people do not have to learn a new card, which will go underground at the moment. At the same time, underground, and especially his work - this is a big benefit of the city, because a subway, for which we have already done part of the embankments, dug tunnels under the city all the best on the subway, because it does not need to invest money. But do not rely on the fact that the metro will bring big income: residents in the city is not so much, and use the subway will be only in the city center, where most of the people - it is office workers who drive alone to the city center. As a result, the metro will be in Zurich, still in the same range as the old tram, but it will run on a completely different schedule than tram moved. The fare in this transport has not yet been specified, but it remains to hope that it will be less than traveling on the tram. As a result, the city will get a more modern road network, which will reduce traffic jams in the central city.

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