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Exactly a hundred

In the city of Stockholm, which is located in Sweden, Metro has recently turned 60 years old. At the moment, on the lines of the subway shuttles train carrying the day over a million passengers. Despite the fact that the city is home to not a lot of people compared to other European capitals, the number of people who use the subway is still great. One remarkable thing that relates to this subway - is the fact that there is no subway map of individual branches, as all three branches simply branch out safely. Results in the subway, there are three branches, each of the branches have split 2-4 branches in different directions. This system cannot be confused in different branches, because there is simply no. It specifically states, in which areas are twig which leads you, because they are directed to your area of ??each separately. There is no such order was in an underground area with two branches - one branch, and is used by exactly one area. So, as you saw, in the Stockholm subway has three branches, and in the future this number will gradually rise as the city is constantly growing. In these three branches is by now exactly 100 stations. Surprising, because in no other city does not even have a round number of stations, and there are exactly one hundred. And of these one hundred and 47 stations are underground, and another 53 are located on the surface and above ground. The total length of all lines is more than a hundred kilometers, but this number does not exceed by a large number.

Subway Art

The originality of the Stockholm Metro is also in the fact that only here are a few stations that were almost not decorated. This applies only to those stations that were built in the thickness of the rocks - they were just dug there, and then use the minimum treatment plant was put into operation. This applies to about 3-5 stations, because the rest are in the soft rock, but because these stations could not be decorated in the same way as the station in the rocks. One need only look at the stations, which were decorated by nature - they are great because all the cracks between the stones form a plexus unusual patterns, but because such plants are especially beautiful. No wonder they say that this is an underground art gallery. Even the design of other stations, which was created by human hands, was recreated in such a way that the stations are simply works of art. On the walls of the stations there are many different paintings, sculptures, and many other artistic elements that adorn the serious local subway as a whole. As for convenience, The local subway is the next place where people can feel in complete comfort - here are fast and soft seats in cars, stations can sit and rest for a few minutes waiting for a train, which will need a few short minutes. If you do not want to sit, then you can take the study of local culture, which is clearly expressed in the design of subway stations. If you do not want to do neither the one nor the other, then you can just wander through the spacious underground stations, to see what is stated about trains in general are also a lot of information that is useful for each passenger. In particular, local stations can be read even the history of the city - on the same pictures that hang on the subway. So be sure to visit here - learn a lot.

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