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Valencia is located on the north-west of the country, is a major industrial center, because there is a lot of companies, but because for a city just requires a brilliant subway. About the fact that the underground has turned out great - no one will argue. It is really convenient and practical, but that get lost in the subway of Valencia is a breeze. Look only at the subway map - half of all the lines simply duplicated in other branches. Of course, we have no right to judge what is good and what is not, the mere existence of dubbing is not very good effect on the number of people riding the local trains. Speaking about other features, it is worth noting that the subway was built in Valencia until 1988, but already has a solid length. Of course, this was achieved only due to the fact that a lot of duplicated branches: the red line duplicates the green at 10 stations from the airport, gray thread repeats the blue part of the branch, and then only at the five stations moves deeper into the city. On the outskirts you no one will get confused, there is the subway either there or it is not at all. So the chance to get lost in the stations is only in the center, where many lines is approximately the same point of the city. If you're going to go from the center, the situation becomes even more sad, because if you get stuck in the lines, then leave all the other way. But let's not sad about, because many people know what it means to get lost in the underground of alien city. So, let's talk about more pleasant things, such as the development plans of the underground in the city.

The need for a creation

Generally, the decision to establish a metro it's came long time ago - because the industry in the city, offices and so on creating a favorable atmosphere for the formation of traffic jams. To avoid congestion, the government decided to create a more convenient model of public transportation - Subway. As a result of the work on the subway, a few years after approval of the plan, began construction work themselves. Initially created a small network, which then grew and became confused. In the near future is preparing a new project, which will continue to duplicate the line to nodivide the flow of passengers on the branches that lead to the fact that one of the two lines that echo each other, will be loaded much more due to the fact that it is now on it will go even more people. But this does not affect the general understanding of the metro plan, because it is easier from this does not become one. It is worth noting one of the advantages of the local subway - 150 miles underground, only 25 are in the tunnels under the ground, which means that most of it will be open during the trip. Agree that it's much more convenient for every tourist - because you can see all around the city while traveling somewhere and you do not have to leave the train, to look around. You can ride with the wind until you are lucky the train, and enjoy life, because the trains are equipped with very high quality in Valencia, so you'll always know that every local train is waiting for you only with comfort, and nothing less, because without it nothing you cannot go to any trip to the big city, even if you drive only to work.

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