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Seville subway map

The former governor is still concerned about the region

Seville - a very famous city in Spain, which now, more recently, has also its own Metropolitan. It turned out it's pretty simple - in 1999 the project was created by the governor of Seville, and after 10 years of its implement. It is thanks to the governor, who is now just a former governor, you can enjoy rides on the metro in Seville. Generally, a plan to build a metro in the city has not yet been implemented because of the initial plan was built only one branch, which means that soon it will be necessary to wait a few more new branches, which are then held in the city. If you look closely at the map of the city, we can see that the green line, which is already built, will connect two nearby suburb of Seville, and the remaining three branches will be held inside the city. In particular, the red line will form a semicircle, and the blue and yellow branches pass through the chords of the city, one from north to south, and the other from west to east. The result is a small network, which will cover the entire city, and the number of passengers increased by several times. If you are riding on the subway Seville 55,000 people every day, then soon this number will increase as soon as it opened a new line. For the year as long as the number of passengers does not exceed 20 million. But while the population of the city and its suburbs is more than a half million people, and therefore the decision to build a network of roads was definitely true and accepted at the time.

Triple Points

In general, each line, although it has not yet been built, already has its own characteristics, such as, for example, the length of the platform. If the city will run trains of equal length, the platform length of 65 meters is enough for any branch. However, the length of branches was different. If there are now only a green line, it means that the entire Metro has a length of 18 kilometers. In the future, the total number will increase by more than 3 times! Number of stations will also be seriously increased - so far there are only 22 stations, but soon will be 75 stations. As for trains, for additional branches to buy a few more trains to the time of departure does not get much lower than required. So, if you are going to travel the Metro of Seville, is the fact that travel 18 kilometers, you will spend only 38 minutes. This means that the train speed is relatively high. As for the other lines, the rate will be maintained, so that no problems with changes or problems in terms of time. But thanks to the stability of the construction lines, we can safely say that the subway will soon be complete. Terms of construction, of course, draw in, but the presence of skilled labor can be used full time to the maximum. As a result, very soon it will be possible to travel by subway across Seville, not just between a pair of suburbs. So all the tourists will soon be able to enjoy the new sights and new experiences for a holiday in Spain. And nothing can stop, no delay - after Spain's subways are always very accurate, as in any other country in the world.

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