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Palma de Mallorca subway map

Island Metro

Even on the islands, sometimes you can build subways. This is not an example of the subway in Hong Kong, where the underground connects several islands at once. This refers to the creation of the subway on an island surrounded by water. This station was opened in 2007 on the islands of Palma de Mallorca. Of course, at that time, Metro opened only for an experiment to see if people would use it, and how to safely build a subway in such close proximity to water. Therefore, in order to be able to check out a few years worked underground in a test mode and not so long ago, he was transferred to a standard work. Narrow-gauge road on the island has a length of only 7 kilometers, which is located at 9 stations. Results on a branch, because it is small, there is only 6 trains that run between rather large for the time interval between the subway train - about 10 minutes. In itself, the metro is made in the standard form because it was tried to make the subway a lot like the subway, but despite all the difficulties, the builders got it. As for the depth of the stations, they are at a depth of 8 meters under the ground, because the deeper the water does not allow lay and lay the above does not work because of the foundations of houses nearby. For these reasons, it turns out that the subway in the city is located exactly at a depth of 8 meters. But not only that characterized the underground city. Platform length is 80 meters - that is enough for people to fit in any quantity on the platform. However, their width is 5 meters, which means that each platform can fit at least 400 people, and it is possible that even more.

We go often, but it aptly

If we take the estimated time between the arrival of the train in 13 minutes, then we can calculate that the day of the train departs the station 76 times. During this time he manages to take away a fair number of people in both parties, and while it is almost never a jam-packed. Due to this underground work only from 6 am to 11 pm, which is two hours less than required to work at all subway. As for the history of the project, the decision to build the subway was taken in 2004 when they decided to connect the underground University of islands and the capital. At the same time to use the railway as was concluded in the tunnels, leading to greater use of underground. So far, the development of this line will be no further because a more extensive network on the island is simply a waste of money, because you want something to connect, and more particularly on the islands there is nothing that would require the availability of subway stations nearby. Therefore, the underground on the islands will remain in its present form because it does not have a greater need. If you want to go there and try the local station - you do not really like it because it is small and short, which means that the train would have nothing to do but to read the announcements in Spanish and looking at the passengers. As a result of this trip will become more tedious and boring, but the process quickly get bored. So if you go there, then just for recreation, not for travel on the subway.

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