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Madrid subway map

Postwar Underground

Barely two years after the First World War, as in Madrid was started up the first Spanish station. The achievement was great, because immediately after the war almost nothing was built. However, the Spaniards surprised everyone and created a subway, which was quite large, and took the lead line in the ranking of the largest underground. In Europe, it is now in the second place, and in the world only in the sixth, but it does not interfere with Metro to develop and become even larger and more developed than before. If you look at the Metro in Madrid, you will see a small feature - it has two circular underground branches. This is quite unusual, but they are far from each other, but because each ring carries a considerable number of passengers. As for the subway, its mileage is 324 kilometers, and stations there are 326. The difference is small, but given the large number of stations where it is possible to do a transplant, length of spans is less than one kilometer. A very important factor is that the time that most of the subway in Madrid is hidden under the earth - more than 90% of all subway lines are, and the top is not more than 30 kilometers of fabric. And while the city has 16 branches of Metro, which constantly intersect with at least three others each. While we may have played down, was too lazy to count, so that may have stations that combine a lot more branches than 3 or even 4. But this is a matter of simple statistics. As for the Madrid Metro, but now it was modernized, made slightly more spacious and fast.

Thousands of trains and cars

All in all subway lines, moving more than a thousand cars. This means that not less than 400 trains now run between the lines underground in the Spanish capital. However, there is a branch, where the number of cars a little less, and branches, where there's more. To determine where the car more, and where there is less, one should look at the tables that describe the way to the subway. If the length of the platform is 60 meters, so here there is a train of four cars. If less than - 2 or 3. If more, then there are 6 cars or they may be the train, which follow each other. In any case, it is close, but not often and not everywhere, because there is an elaborate system that allows people to safely get to work, even in rush hour. The number of trains is growing, and therefore cannot say how many there are now cars and subway trains in Madrid, because every few months the number of changes in either directions. Among the metro stations you can find small and large - the deepest station is located at a depth of 49 meters. There is a shallow stations, but not much, but because all of the metro is pretty deep, if we assume an average value. But this is not so important, because for a review of the city will still have to rise to the surface, which means that the subway will sooner or later have to come out. At some stations you can find beautiful ornaments or just wonderful paintings, but some stations looks bleak, and while it will not be decorated in the near future, because now a priority is the construction of the subway, not the decoration.

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