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Bilbao subway map

Two in One

In 1995, the city of Bilbao gets its own subway. This subway has become known thanks to the fact that the stations there has been designed by the famous architect Norman Foster, who was involved in the design of underground in some cities of France. So that you can enjoy views of the stations, which in this metro has 36 pieces, enough to come down on any station. There are no such points, which would not have been decorated in Art Nouveau style, because all the 36 stations have been carefully designed and decorated by the same person. In the end, it turns out that here in Bilbao, but about the city, to be honest, we have not heard, now has its own underground railway, which consists of two branches, which are then combined into one. In this way we obtain the form letter Y, which is very similar to the underground. As for the other parameters of the underground, then let's get to them. First, it was created the subway in a fairly large city, but because every year in the Metro Bilbao enjoys a lot of people willing to commute to work on only that transport - the reasons are well known. Second, the size of the metro is quite large, but because it covers more than half of the city, but will create an even greater coverage in the near future. But that's not all. Each year, the Metro carries more than 87 million people, and this number is constantly growing, which leads to a positive outlook for a more extensive network of subway in Bilbao. In general, this Subway on the number of people transported is in third place in Spain, was built at a much later than the first two subways, and the size is seriously inferior to both.

Modern around us

In general, if we talk not only about what a subway from the technical characteristics, there is talk about the design of stations. Each of us looks at the modern style in different ways. Someone remembers him a hundred years ago, when Art Nouveau was a luxury only the tree species, covered with lacquer and polished. Someone looks at the modern, as in a style that is constantly changing, but because he is now totally not what it once was. This means that the current station, decorated in a contemporary modern dance. They were decorated by representatives of the company Akaba, which won the tender for the decoration of the stations. Of course, style and design have already been designed, so the company does not bring anything new, but only created the decoration stations. Now the station in Bilbao metropolis similar to the streets - entirely concrete, glass and steel, while there is no such distress, which was observed on the streets of real cities - there is always calm and quiet, but always spacious, no matter how many people were on the platform. It is likely that it is for these reasons that Foster's designs are very popular, because it creates in small spaces such wonderful ideas, admired not only residents, but also his guests. So, if you ever happen to be in Bilbao, not too lazy to go down at least a couple of subway stations to look around and see what there is a remarkable plant, because only here can you find such beauty, unique in Spain, but not only in Europe . Therefore, travel and enjoy the beauty of the city.

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