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Barcelona subway map

A large old underground

Another major metropolitan in the country lost somewhere in Barcelona. Although it is difficult to say that he was really lost - it's hard to lose 150 kilometers of fabric, where is nearly 200 stations. That is why the local station is very easy to find. Almost any street you can find a descent into the subway and take them to be in the underground city. It is quite extensive - the size we have already pointed out. In a dense network of underground use of the 9 branches which are distributed in different ways throughout the city and even beyond its limits, because the suburbs and nearby towns, too, must be connected to the city center. As a result, while the city develops, and its underground grows. Residents of the city can use it anytime, from five in the morning to midnight, and while they still can seriously save on the ticket on the bus or any other form of transport, which runs through the city streets. In order to work underground is very efficient, do not use automated systems, using only human labor. Therefore, to work in the rail services are constantly recruited new staff and staff of Metro employs are several thousand people. As a result of their work underground city has never stopped working for no reason at the time because they work consistently and accurately. Beginning in 1924, when the subway was built, it is constantly improved, and only during the war, it almost did not add "weight". Now, however, plan to finish building the underground and is now already underway to improve the branch number 9 and the establishment of two branches 10 and 11. Upon completion of this work will reach the length of the underground, and, perhaps, will exceed 170 kilometers.

Everything for the people

The advantages of the citizens for the use of underground is obvious. If citizens want to get to work, then simply sit on a subway train and hit the road, but if you want to stand for half a day in local traffic, then take the bus downtown or to the private car and go. Plus, every subway is that, even if at a crossroads on the street is an accident, the train will pass it anyway without any problems, that is why you just never late for work. In addition, as already stated above, you can use the ticket on the subway after reaching the surface. It suffices to find any other public transportation and sit in it - if not from the time of composting was 45 minutes, you can ride the bus without paying. Also, if you take several tickets at once, then you will operate a special discount as a "wholesale" to the buyer. Otherwise, you'll pay almost two euros to take the train. There is no differentiation in prices, as can be seen in many other cities and towns are not varied. Here, you pay two euros as fares on two stations, as well as for travel around the metro. It will not look at you askance if your ticket has holes paste - many do, to get to work, which is located so that you have to change two or three times. In any case, to feel it, we just have to experience the atmosphere of the local subway.

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