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Metropolitan Seoul

Capital Metro across the country Seoul - the capital of South Korea has the third place in the world in passenger traffic for the year - all through the numerous cabins is of almost two billion people each year. In comparison with the neighboring metro systems in other nearby countries, Subway is pretty old - it was built in 1974. But in 40 years it has grown to enormous size - every day in the train sits down and goes for more than 8 million people, and that the average population of the metropolis. The advantage of this station is that the network of internal subways in the city is very well connected to the railway network of commuter trains that go across the country. So sitting in the subway, you could suddenly have been out of town on the border of the country. That's interesting subway in Seoul. In general, the inner city itself, the metro is about 300 kilometers in length, which is located at 328 stations. If you look at a map of underground, you can easily get confused. Although there are only 16 lines, some of them are twisted so that it is not clear how to go faster on the same line, or with changes to more direct. Especially easy to get lost in the city center, where all 16 lines intersect several times - this is a real headache for newcomers to the city - not everyone will be able to navigate in this web. But with time comes experience. What is interesting is this subway?

Companies are different, and the price of one

Manages a large object is not a company, and not two, but three: a national company, state and metropolitan - each of them is responsible for its terms, sometimes literally, in the interests of the subway. Nevertheless, despite the large number of companies involved in construction projects and administration of underground, all prices here are the same, but because every day people can sit on the train and pay the same price if they are, of course, were not warned in advance about the that the prices will be increased. The usual price is 1,000 won. As the exchange rate can be calculated how much it will be in dollars, not to be afraid of zeros in the figure. For students and children all tickets are sold at a lower price, but older people do ride the subway for free. However, the price of 100 won is not the same distance between two neighboring stations and the trip to the outskirts - is calculated mileage, and for every hundred kilometers further passenger pays an additional 100 won. Thus, long-distance travel may get a citizen to break the bank, which not everyone is able to pay. Generally in this system there are many discounts, including those who ride the subway all the time - especially for them have a 10% discount.

Confidence in the future

In total there are over two hundred lines, trains, who go about every five minutes in normal mode and every 2 minutes during rush hour to avoid excessive concentrations of people. Different lines sometimes are served by individual companies, for example, the way to the airport serving the airport itself. Therefore, the most stable underground is here. No other country cannot promises that the price will not rise anytime soon, but the trains did not happen so. In this country there was no terrorist, but the economy is stable, so people are confident in the metro.

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