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Gwangju subway map

The Road to Business Center

Gwangju - another city whose name does not tell the absolute majority of uneducated people. The city got its subway not long ago - only in 2004 when it was opened the first phase of a single line. The line opened in two parts - the first visit was in 2004, when they opened the first few stations and then two years later opened another round of the six stations, so the entire line is 19 stations, which are placed at a distance of 20 kilometers. It seems that for many of these distances are very large, but in reality it is only average figures, which show that the line crosses not only the city center, where there is a lot of stations - 13 pieces by 11 kilometers, but also the suburbs, where There are 6 stations, 10 kilometers. As a result, we obtain the following figures, which could deceive a simple man in the street. If you look closely at the subway map, you can see that there are short Stretches, and longer, and added that the main length of the line. The line currently starts and ends in Pendon pate. Further prolongation of the line is planned to provide for at least one station, which until that passenger trains do not go particularly active. Therefore I'd like to add that to develop this metro yet there is much - a great city, a relatively direct line cannot yet meet the growing needs of passengers in transportation.

The Thin Red Line

It is for this reason, there is the general plan of construction, which includes not a single branch of the underground, which will cross the Gwangju. It is planned to build a network of underground and surface roads, which will cover the entire city and its immediate suburbs, as a result should give the maximum number of citizens wishing to use public transport. 5 lines will be sufficient. While the first line being completed, are already in full preparation for the construction of the second line. If the first goes from west to east, the second line will be from south to north-east, in the most populated parts of the region. The plan will be the third line is similar to the ring, but in fact it will be too large and will cover only the external features of the city, and the fourth line will actually be a ring and will transport people to the downtown area. As to the fifth line, it goes to the opposite side from the second and head to the north-west, which are also densely populated areas and suburbs. Thus, the presence of only 20 kilometers of the railway and the minimum number of stations does not satisfy the Kwangju and South Korea because of the underground city will develop gradually, but quickly enough to not have any problems with finances and neighbors, as well as with the residents and the state of the peninsula . But until the plans so far away, and the only red line is not yet loaded enough to let the trains come every minute. So the development of the subway in Gwangju - it is a matter of time and workload, so the mayor's office is directly interested in the continuation of construction work.

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