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 Daejeon subway map

The fifth city in South Korea

Another branch of the subway not long ago appeared in the South Korean city of Daejeon. This green line runs through the town, which provides a link downtown and the outskirts of the city. In general, this city is quite large - this is the fifth largest city in South Korea, therefore, is home to many people - nearly two million people. So to make life easier for everyone who came to this city, that he did not have to wait in line for the bus and stuck in traffic on the car, was created by Metro. Moreover, it has been established recently - in 2006 opened the first branch. Generally, if you look at this problem more globally, we open the first branch - it is only the beginning of the global construction which is planned in this city. If you look at the history of Daejeon, then you can see that over the last twenty years the city grew serious - there appeared scientific institutes, centers, and also held numerous exhibitions, which have caused a genuine interest in the world community to the city. In order not to fall of its international status, it was decided to build a subway, which is also a good idea to impact on the state road system in Daejeon. That's why the first branch was built a few years and opened in 2006.

One is built, four in the mind

It goes underground includes 22 stations, which gently stretched for 21 kilometers of the railway passing through the center. Why it decided to create a chord in the city, not a ring, in which the majority of citizens to travel would be much easier? There are several reasons. First, the ring is already planned second branch. Secondly, the presence of small rings solve transportation problems, because it allows the movement of trains in different directions, but the minimum direction, while the chord in the heart of the city allows certain masses of people consciously unload traffic on the roads. Movement becomes easier, people become less and this means that the chord will be better, because in a particular direction, for example, from east to west, as is a chord, it becomes a lot less cars and traffic jams are reduced. But in addition to the planned ring a few lines, because they are expected to total as many as five pieces. The yellow line will be from north to south, and another two will form a neat cross to the east of the city. As a result, in 10 years will be built at least two additional branches, which will carry passengers. In general, to a high level of passenger transportation to this city is still very far away, but on those cities where there are no subways, there is still a very good situation. So I want to say this: while the city will grow and develop, will grow just as well and underground, because here there is the relationship. The rest of the subway in Daejon is of the same colorful and sophisticated, as in other cities in South Korea. Steel, plastic and glass - are the main components for this mode of transport. But he still remains the most reliable and fastest mode of transportation in the country, the city and the world, because there are no cars, which could jump over the cork, while the subway is moving just beneath them without any problems. Therefore, all citizens who choose the subway, use it, not because they like the jostling inherent in public transport, but only because they have this kind of transportation is really convenient for their work and life in general.

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