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Daegu subway map

Big plans

In a city with two and a half million people have to be transportation, which can transport a large number of people over great distances, for example, large residential areas in the workplace. So this means of transportation should be a subway. Why exactly is it? Easy to operate, large flows of passengers - all this is at the subway and have no other means of transportation. In other words - in the city government has no choice, when the cork does not stop throughout the day. Subway in Daegu began building in 1992 and immediately declared that the built in 15 years, three large branches, and then three more. All together, would have passed in several stages, as was written in the plan. But as you know, plans are rarely implemented on time, but because at the moment, though five years have passed, built only two branches, while the remaining four are under construction and excavation of tunnels. So far, Metro has rebuilt part of the green and red lines that pass through the neighborhoods where the population is quite a lot, so here are some Stretches of one kilometer. In the future there will be such a branch, which will go deeper into the suburbs to provide transport residents of nearby towns.

A clear implementation

So, the green line on this map is the main - it's almost a straight line (relative to the red line, which looks much the curves). Although in reality it was discovered later than the red, but once started from the end and continue. Green line was built eight years and has 28 kilometers of track with 26 stations, one of which is the intersection with the red twig. Green line runs under the full business center. Among its stations, you can see words such as office or bank, of course all this is a fairly large object, which seriously affect the life of the city, and each of them works a lot of people, and the neighborhood is a lot of different objects, which are also filled with people. In general, the green line - official. Office workers go on it more often. The second branch of the red color was built much earlier - it started building in 1992. It was then established a plan under which the construction was painted in stages, for the convenience of builders. Red branch opened five years later. It was 25 kilometers and 29 stations. It is obvious that this thread is more busy and runs on more populated neighborhoods. However, each station is equipped with a broad platform of almost 150 meters in length each, which allows it to fit a large number of people. If the shorter platforms, designed only for four cars, fit several hundred people, then here comes the amount to several thousand. That is why the large platform used in South Korea, the most common. However, due to short spans are often problems with the speed of movement - the whole line the train runs for 50 minutes, which is pretty much for 25 miles. In any case, other vehicles are at a much slower rate over the surface of the earth, but because the underground in this case is much more preferable than a bus or tram in the city, where very often only the cork.

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