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 Busan subway map

Another large metropolitan

Despite the fact that South Korea is quite small in the territory of the country, it has the longest metros in the world. Seoul subway is almost 750 kilometers, and here - 132 miles. In the Busan subway is also quite original and great, despite the fact that usually about the town no one knows anything. But not because there have decided to build a large underground, but because this city, which is located on the coast, has so many people that can no longer had to postpone construction of the subway even for a few months. The originality of this station is that you can pass around the ring, which consists of two different branches. And on a map if you peer into this one is closed, but in fact there are only two lines that merge seamlessly into one another, but they also intersect. In total there are 4 lines that run throughout the peninsula. There are longer lines, which pass the whole territory of the city and go even further, and there are lines that only connect Busan and its suburbs, one or more. But let's look at these lines in more detail.

All the colors of the rainbow except red

Oddly enough, but the familiar red metro line is not here. It is not known why, but the red is clearly not love. But in its place is orange, green, brown and burgundy colors, the latter of which represents an additional branch, which will be built soon. As for those lines that have already been built: the longest line here - green. It begins in the east of the city, passes through its center, crosses the entire city, including some of its suburbs, and safely away and then north along the river. Further development of the green branches will only be in the north, because there can only find another city that will supply the Busan population and labor force. The second line, orange line is the boom town from north to south, and winds between the bays of the sea, stopping only at the very south of the peninsula, where there is almost no one lives there because of the constant threats of tsunamis. The third branch, which is colored brown, runs from east to west or from west to east - no matter the main thing that this thread only connects the suburb of Busan on the other side of the river, with its large center to make it easier to get to work. The latest branch - maroon, although the color has not been approved because of disagreements. Metro will run from downtown to the side of another suburb, which is located in the northeast region. While that is calculated that this branch will go from the current brown, but again it is not known exactly.

A small stage, a large stage

On the map is very well seen, the most densely populated areas bristling with stations like cake candles, and areas in the north that are located relatively far from Pusan, have been great Stretches a length two times greater than the length of driving to the south. As far as the intersection of lines, they are as much as 6 - Each line intersects with the other once, so the line has three intersections. Convenient and practical for a large metro city Busan is definitely beneficial.

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