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Subway across the country Singapore

The only case in the world, when the subway, the only one in the country, serves as a vehicle not only for one city, but also for the whole country. This is a subway in Singapore. This applies to underground the entire state, because the State is located in South Asia has a very small territory, which means that the subway could be the main vehicle in the country. Metro was built in 1983, at the moment it is sufficient size - nearly 120 kilometers of track, and because of the large stretch of territory, the number of stations on the canvas less than half the total length. At the same station on the islands is nodivided into three branches, which connect the major cities of the state. Together these branches form a full-fledged system is light rail. Oddly enough, but the metro is really easy - what would you not say, with a train you will see that this is an easy subway, because the presence of small size allows this subway ride faster than conventional subway. And in general, shorter and narrower cars affect the kind of underground more positively than negatively, because this is not required to carry subway a lot of people, and do trains go there often enough that people did not need to queue and wait until they come their turn. As for the underground in general, there is everything to this form of transport because it is the only one was cheap enough for the population, but at the same time very easy to use, but people would not have to stand in the wagons, and so are not very a lot of space. Actually, thanks to a special system of life in the metro is not much different in comfort from living in the houses of citizens. About it we will talk later.<.p>

Comfort and air conditioning

Now the underground in the country equipped with modern facilities that allow people to feel very comfortable, but because it is not surprising that the way the stations are separated glass panels. As a result, you can see that the glass is not a train but the doors will be opened only in case if the train does come, but because you can go, if this is your train. As for the amenities in the car, inside mounted air conditioners that run continuously and maintain a stable temperature, which is approximately twenty degrees. At the same time, when the train arrives at the station, the cool air of the car is not going away, because the same glass panels that keep visitors from unintentional falls stations on the rails. As a result, if we consider not only the trains and cars, but also a full range of underground, which is based in Singapore, we can safely say that the subway, which was built in the southern areas of high humidity, can operate in virtually any weather conditions, which puts it in pretty high places compared to conventional underground, where there are no controlled temperatures inside the cars and stations. This means that the metro in Singapore is not only convenient for transportation, but also easy to travel around the country, do not forget about the fact that the Metro was created specifically so that people can safely travel around the country and not think about that they will have to change to another mode of transport to travel to travel further. Of course, this is very convenient for everybody who can and want to travel through the country on the rail. And it will be very good for every person in the country.

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