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In Serbia, the subway was planned in the 50s of the past, when the Soviet Union was actively cooperating with countries that were in the neighborhood in eastern Europe. Due to the fact that the then Yugoslavia had a solid advantage over the Soviet Union at the expense of the latter was a duty, Metro was built by foreign experts from the USSR. But in those days was required to create the underground not only for the fact that people can safely get to their jobs, but also to ensure that in case of attack that people can hide in the tunnels, because the underground in Belgrade planned to create not only the shallow stations but also by deep-laid. In particular, it was planned that part of the metro stations will be located at a depth of 40 meters - this would be the deepest subway in Europe, excluding the USSR. However, the plans for the construction of the subway were not justified, because the original construction of the subway has been canceled for economic reasons. But by the time of cancellation, as it happened in the late seventies, the city had already been dug several deep-stations. Two of them now operate as part of public transport in Belgrade. However, the subway in the city will be built only light - so it was decided at the next meeting, which every time discussing plans for the development of the next few years. In particular, the abolition of the old plans to build a conventional subway occurred at the end of the last century, when the subway opened the inadvisability of building the country's government. At the same time created a new plan, which showed the need for the construction of any railway in the city as its population grew serious in recent years. With regard to the many traffic problems, then they were one of the reasons why the subway in the city began to build.

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Today in Belgrade planned to create a light metro, which is the scale of construction is seriously lagging behind the metro, which was offered to the construction of Russian specialists. At the same time, while preparing to light the underground construction and in its place safely operate a completely different system of public transport - in the city has a few trains that are on the two deep-stations and three new stations to travel around the city at intervals of 15 minutes per hour peak and at intervals of half an hour at other times. The presence of S-Bahn in the city, of course, helps people cope with the problems of the city, but there is nothing better than if the subway, though lightweight, still was built in the city. According to the plans of its construction would start building in 2011 to 2021 to complete its construction and to create a grid of three lines, two of which would contain the minimum number of stations. However, a new network connection to the old subway station does not occur for many reasons. First, the new station and the train does not fit the old line of massive, built more than 30 years ago. Second, even if it were possible, nothing would help people if they are in rebuilding the subway would be lost in one day, and even intercity trains. So plan to create a subway is: metro will be held separately from the trains, but in the future, the past one will be removed as they will be unnecessary in a city where already established an excellent subway. That is why the metro in Belgrade will be opened only in the next few years - in the near future, it should not wait at all. It's a pity only that the subway will never pass on the deep underground stations.

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