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The Scottish Underground

Subway in the city, which is located on the north-west Scotland, was built too long ago. Metropolitan city of Glasgow dates from 1896, that is, to date this subway for more than 110 years. But this is not the underground began to grow in the same way as, for example, grew up underground in London. Subway in Glasgow was the only way to move around the city, but not the means by which people could get from the suburbs to the city center. This happens only because the subway in the city is represented by only a single branch - in this case is a branch of the ring, which means that the subway in the city carries a very good people in the city center. 10 kilometers of the railway station and 15 - not so much for 110 years, but there is nothing better, because the other branches and other vehicles in the city a bit. Buses and other wheeled vehicles are still operating under jams.

Narrow gauge - the lack of

Of course, the underground city of Glasgow could be continued, when the country had money, because this city is very large, the second largest city in Scotland. But the size of the underground was not allowed to continue to build and develop a new system of branches, which ran from the ring in opposite directions in the suburbs. But this did not happen. Track on which trains in the subway has a very small width, which is only 1.219 meters, and the cars of this size are no longer available. The moment was lost and the construction of the metro in the near future will not even continue, because in order to create new branches for the underground and start up new trains will have to redo all the old subway, which is used by tens of thousands of people every day.

A major benefit for the center

If we are talking about how many people ride the metro in the city of Glasgow, it should be pointed out that about 36-39 thousand people a day travel on trains within the city. As a result, the overall statistics provide 10 million people each year. And because income from a small metro, which is almost spoiled by trips constitute a major figure for the city budget. People are happy - because it basically does not matter as long as they get to work on time because late in the UK - this is a serious insult to the employer and disrespectful, even if you are late for no fault of his. In contrast to London, Glasgow, no tourists - it is an industrial port city, which is a large production based on coal, iron and oil produced from offshore islands. Therefore, the task of creating subway, standing in front of the builders, was only to relieve most of the streets in the port area. As a result, when you consider that 40 000 is now moved underground, the streets were seriously discharged, and therefore we can safely say that the task was carried out at least. But as for the full amenities - it is up to them away, because the subway is very dark and cramped, uncomfortable that the first few months. However, which have joined the ranks of the inhabitants of the city, gradually get used to the fact that the underground is too dark, and the city is too messy. This is a result of the fact that the city has a very large and well-developed industry.

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